Can Yaman Biography, Age, Height, Parents, Family, Career, Affairs, Wife & More

Can Yaman is a prominent Turkish actor who has captivated audiences with his charismatic performances and striking presence on screen. Born on November 8, 1989, in Istanbul, Turkey, Yaman’s meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his talent and hard work. Standing at a height that complements his on-screen roles, he embodies the quintessential leading man in the Turkish television industry. His portrayal of Can Divit in the immensely popular TV series ‘Erkenci Kuş’ not only garnered him widespread acclaim but also resulted in significant international recognition.

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In addition to his acting career, Can Yaman has a compelling personal narrative that includes his educational background as a lawyer. This unique blend of artistic talent and academic achievement defines his multifaceted persona. Throughout his journey, Yaman has been the subject of public interest beyond his professional pursuits, with fans showing keen interest in his personal life, including details about his relationships and family background. Despite the inevitable scrutiny that comes with fame, Yaman has managed to strike a balance between his private life and the demands of his profession.

Beyond his visual appeal and on-screen roles, it’s Can Yaman’s ability to connect with his audience that sets him apart. His body of work continues to grow, reflecting not only his range as an actor but also his commitment to his craft. As he progresses in his career, Yaman’s filmography diversifies, promising a rich repertoire of characters and performances that resonate with both national and international audiences.

Full NameCan Yaman
Date of Birth8 November 1989
Age (as of 2024)35 Years
BirthplaceSuadiye, Istanbul, Turkey
Zodiac signScorpio
HometownSuadiye, Istanbul, Turkey
FatherGüven Yaman
MotherGüldam Can
Marital StatusUnmarried

Personal Life and Background

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Can Yaman’s journey from his early family life to becoming a well-known Turkish actor and his educational background to notable relationships has garnered interest and admiration globally.

Early Life and Family

Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989, in Istanbul, Turkey. His nationality is Turkish and he possesses a mix of Kosovo-Albanian and Macedonian ethnicity from his parents. The separation of his parents occurred when he was five years old, which had a significant impact on his childhood.

Education and Early Career

Yaman’s education was comprehensive: he attended Italian High School (Istanbul Lisesi) and later graduated in Law from Yeditepe University. During his university years, he started working at corporate law firms. However, he transitioned towards the entertainment industry with a focus on acting and modeling.

Physical Attributes:

Relationship Status and Affairs

As for his relationships, Can Yaman was previously linked with actress Demet Özdemir, although details of his current relationship status are kept private. His charisma undeniably contributes to his widespread popularity with fans, which often sparks curiosity about his personal life.

Career Achievements

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Can Yaman’s career achievements extend beyond his impactful roles on television screens. As a multifaceted entertainer, he has garnered a range of accolades and engaged in various industry facets, distinguishing him as a prominent figure in Turkish entertainment.

Professional Information:

ProfessionActor, Model, and Lawyer
Famous RoleCan Divit in the Turkish TV series ‘Erkenci Kuş’ (2018)
DebutTV Series: Gönül İşleri (2014) as Bedir
Awards2018: Golden Butterfly for Best Romantic Comedy Actor (Erkenci Kuş)
2019: Golden Star for Best TV Series Actor (Erkenci Kuş)
2019: Murex d’Or for Best Foreign Actor (Erkenci Kuş)
2019: E!News TV for Top Leading Man (Erkenci Kuş)
2021: Filming Italy Best Movie Award for TV Personality of the Year

Acting Career

Can Yaman’s journey as an actor began with notable TV series, quickly establishing him as a household name. His breakout role was in the romantic comedy Erkenci Kuş, also known as Early Bird, where he played the charismatic lead, Can Divit. Other significant roles have included:

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  • Gönül İşleri (2014)
  • İnadına Aşk (2015)
  • Hangimiz Sevmedik (2016-2017)
  • Dolunay (2017)

These performances have shown his versatility ranging from drama to romantic comedy, solidifying Yaman’s career in the acting world.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout his career, Can Yaman has been the recipient of prestigious awards and recognition. Highlighted achievements include:

  • Golden Butterfly Award: Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy (2018)
  • Murex d’Or: (2019)

These accolades commend his standout performances, particularly in romantic comedies, acknowledging his ability to captivate audiences and critics alike.

Modeling and Endorsements

Beyond acting, Can Yaman has also ventured into the modeling and endorsement arena. He has graced the covers of top lifestyle and fashion magazines such as GQ, demonstrating the robustness of his personal brand. His striking dark brown hair and black eyes have made him a favorite among fashion brands. Additionally, his high-profile endorsement deals, combined with his media presence, have made significant contributions to his wide-reaching influence in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

Public Persona

Can Yaman's public persona depicted with a confident stance, exuding charisma. A stylish and charismatic figure, exuding confidence and charm

Can Yaman, a prominent Turkish actor, maintains a significant presence on social media, consistently engages in various physical activities, and is known for his charitable endeavors. His public image is shaped by his interactions with fans, his lifestyle, and his commitment to giving back to the community.

Açelya Topaloğlu2015-2016
Bestemsu Özdemir2016-2017
Rabia Yaman2017-2018
Demet Özdemir2018-2020
Diletta Leotta2020-2021
Maria Giovanna Adamo2022-present

Social Media Presence

Can Yaman’s charisma extends beyond television to the digital realm, where he boasts a substantial following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Known for sharing glimpses into his professional and personal life, Can Yaman has cultivated a dedicated fan base, often referred to as “Can Yaman Mania.” His posts showcase various facets of his life, from on-set moments to personal achievements, resonating well with his audience.

Instagram Followers: Over 8 million
Twitter Followers: Over 350,000

Physical Fitness and Hobbies

Standing tall with an impressive height, Can Yaman places a strong emphasis on physical fitness, often engaging in sports such as basketball which complements his athletic build. Weight training is a staple in his routine, contributing to his well-known physique. Yaman also takes pleasure in hobbies like horse riding, reflecting a multifaceted personality that goes beyond his on-screen roles. His lifestyle choices are frequent highlights, influencing and inspiring fans globally.

Height188 cm (6’ 2″)
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)
Body MeasurementsChest: 44 Inches
Waist: 36 Inches
Biceps: 16 Inches
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown


Yaman’s public persona is not limited to his physical appearance and social media; he is also actively involved in philanthropic activities. Demonstrating a heart for service, Can Yaman uses his influence to support various causes and has been known to participate in charity events, amplifying the positive impact of his celebrity status. His generosity underlines the values he holds and becomes another aspect for which fans and the public admire him.

Notable Efforts: Participating in charity basketball games
Supports: Various local and international charities

Press and Public Interactions

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Can Yaman’s interactions with the media and the public have been noteworthy, encompassing interviews with top magazines and involvement in various controversies that have captured the attention of his fans and the press alike. His ability to engage in multiple languages, including Italian and English, and his legal background have often lent a unique flavor to these interactions.

Interviews and Media Coverage

Can Yaman has been featured in a variety of media outlets for his charismatic roles and intriguing personal life. Notably, his interviews in Hello! magazine have been widely read. His ability to communicate in English has allowed him to reach a broader audience, and his fluency in Italian was particularly well-received during promotional activities for Che Dio ci aiuti and Viola come il mare. Demet Ozdemir, a co-star from the show Erkenci Kuş, has also joined him on several occasions, adding to the dynamic coverage. His full name, Can Yaman, has become synonymous with the charming and sophisticated characters he portrays, such as Ferit Aslan and Özgür Atasoy also known in Mr. Wrong.

  • Accolades and Recognition: Can Yaman’s talent has been recognized with awards such as Best Actor, which he won at the Golden Butterfly Awards for his role in Erkenci Kuş.
  • Fashion and Style: His appearances in periodicals like GQ have highlighted not just his acting prowess but also his sartorial elegance. These interviews often touch upon his personal style and grooming, reinforcing his image as a modern Turkish actor with global appeal.


Yaman’s ride to stardom hasn’t been without its share of controversy. His relationship with Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta attracted significant media speculation and public interest. Despite his diplomatic handling of such personal matters and his unmarried status, the speculation has sometimes led to public scrutiny.

  • Media Speculations: The scrutiny of his relationships, particularly with Leotta, has often been propelled by rumors and assumptions rather than confirmed facts.
  • Public Image and Responses: Can Yaman’s response to such controversies has often been to maintain a clear and neutral stance, focusing on his work, including upcoming projects like Sandokan and El Turco, rather than on the controversies themselves.

In terms of his ethnicity, the Turkish actor proudly reflects a diverse background that has resonated well with international audiences. His eye color and other physical attributes have often been highlighted in media, but Yaman prefers to keep the focus on his professional commitments and talents.

FAQ – Can Yaman

Who is Can Yaman?

Can Yaman is a Turkish actor, model, and lawyer who gained fame for his roles in various Turkish television series.

What is Can Yaman famous for?

Can Yaman is renowned for his portrayal of Can Divit in the Turkish TV series ‘Erkenci Kuş’ (2018).

When and where was Can Yaman born?

Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989, in Suadiye, Istanbul, Turkey.

What are Can Yaman’s physical attributes?

Can Yaman stands approximately 188 cm tall (6 feet 2 inches) and weighs around 75 kg (165 lbs). He has brown eyes and brown hair, with body measurements of approximately 44-36-16 inches (chest-waist-biceps).

What awards has Can Yaman won?

Can Yaman has received several awards, including the Golden Butterfly for Best Romantic Comedy Actor (2018), Golden Star for Best TV Series Actor (2019), and Murex d’Or for Best Foreign Actor (2019) for his role in ‘Erkenci Kuş.’

Has Can Yaman been involved in any controversies?

Yes, Can Yaman was involved in a feud with his co-star Selen Soyder during the filming of ‘Hangimiz Sevmedik’ in 2016. He also made controversial remarks about his co-star Demet Özdemir during an interview in 2020.

What is Can Yaman’s educational background?

Can Yaman graduated in Law from Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey.