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Overview of CUIMS

Chandigarh University has launched an online platform called CUIMS (Chandigarh University Management System Online Portal 2023). Through an online approach, it offers pupils a variety of services. An online library, modules, notices, notifications, results, and other features are among the benefits offered by the CUIMS Login Portal. Users can also obtain data about courses, fee schedules, and other things. Students must sign in to the site in order to use these features. Students can register for an account if they don’t already have one.

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Technology is being used more and more by contemporary colleges and educational institutions to organize administrative and academic tasks. The Chandigarh University Management System (CUIMS) was created by the university to offer a simple and practical system for employees, faculty, and students.

A software program utilized by the institution is called CUIMS. For students at Chandigarh University, it acts as a comprehensive platform that enables them to access course materials, monitor their grades and attendance records, look up syllabi and timetables, turn in assignments and projects, and communicate with their professors.

We shall go into great detail about the CUIMS Login Portal (Chandigarh University Management System) in this blog post. You will have a clearer knowledge of what CUIMS is and how it helps the university community at the end of this article. Now let’s get into the specifics.

Benefits and Services:

Students can access a variety of services through the CUIMS portal. These consist of things like having access to an online library, modules, notices, notifications, and more. Students can also review course information, including the curriculum and schedule. Through the portal, they can communicate with their teachers, submit assignments and projects, and view their grades and attendance.

Protection of Data and Security:

The CUIMS site has developed authentication and data protection mechanisms to guarantee the security of user information. By doing this, the system’s security and the privacy of user data are guaranteed.

CUIMS LOGIN Portal: What is It?

The Chandigarh University Management System, often known as CUIMS, is a piece of software utilized by the university. It works as a digital platform for staff, professors, and students to manage their academic and administrative tasks.

CUIMS Chandigarh University Admissions 2023 via CUCET:

Follow these steps to submit an application for CUIMS Chandigarh University Admissions 2023 via CUCET:

  • Click here to see the official website,
  • Complete the necessary fields on the online application form:
  • “Student Name” should be entered.
  • Your “Student Mobile Number” should be entered.
  • Your “Student Email Id” is required.
  • Include your “Student City”
  • By picking the “Discipline” and “Program” you want to pursue for admission, choose your desired program.
  • Specify your “Date of Birth” and press the “Register” button.
  • After registering, access your account by entering the “User ID” and “Password” that were provided to your email and/or mobile phone. As an alternative, you may log in using your registered email address.
  • Pay Rs. 1000 online to download the e-Prospectus. The admission application form and information regarding the entrance exam are both included in the e-Prospectus.
  • Complete the admission application form, and then be ready to take the common entrance exam as specified in the e-Prospectus.
  • By paying the registration fee either online through the payment system or manually by creating a challan, you can reserve your place.
  • To pay the registration fee, go into your profile using your CUCET ID or registered email address.
  • Fill out the application form with your academic and personal details.

Summary of the CUIMS Website:

Students have access to a digital platform through the CUIMS website where they can engage in various online activities. Students can access information about the online library, receive alerts of exams and results, and keep up with events and activities taking place at the institution by signing into the site. They don’t need to go to the institution in person because they can check their attendance, outcomes from the semester, and other academic information online.

Additionally, students can download and use a mobile application for the CUIMS portal easily by going to the app store.

The Website’s Goal:

Businesses and institutions are increasingly relying on online platforms for effective administration in today’s linked environment. The CUIMS portal was established with the goal of giving students access to several online services. Students can conveniently access the university website from anywhere by using the portal, eliminating the need for them to make repeated trips to the administrative building. The kids are spared time and effort as a result. The platform also makes it simple to manage the thousands of students who are enrolled at Chandigarh University.

Smartphone application:

Additionally, Chandigarh University has introduced a CUIMS-approved mobile application. Students can download the app to their smartphones and easily access a variety of services. As a result, there is less of a need to frequently visit the university office, giving you more accessibility and flexibility.

Upcoming developments:

Chandigarh University intends to introduce more significant services in the future, even if the CUIMS portal’s present edition only includes a few capabilities. Students will have the option to view their fee status and pay online. The institution wants to improve its online presence and offer a wide range of services to its students.

Access CUIMS:

Students must use the university-provided login credentials to access the CUIMS portal. To successfully log in to the CUIMS interface, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the CUIMS portal’s official webpage.

Step 2: Enter the university-provided login.

Step 3: Click the login button after entering the login password that was provided to you.

Step 4: To successfully log in, input your username and password and press submit.

Log in to your account on the CUIMS Portal.

Chandigarh University created the CUIMS online management system for both employees and students. Students can access thorough course information, participate in online classes, and check attendance history through this portal.

Users that Can Login:

  • Student Sign In
  • Login to Blackboard
  • Admin Login
  • Student Login

Blackboard CUIMS:

The CUIMS Blackboard interface is made to facilitate learning and communication between faculty and students. Follow these procedures to log in to the Blackboard site in order to utilize the services there:

Step 1: Visit the CUIMS Blackboard’s official login page.

Step 2: Type your username into the space provided.

Step 3: Type in the login password you were given.

Step 4: Select the sign-in option after correctly entering all the information.

Step 5: Your CUIMS Blackboard dashboard will be displayed after you log in.

CUCHD Blackboard Login for Staff Members:

All Chandigarh University faculty, staff, and workers have access to the CUCHD portal. The portal, which can be accessed via, has an interface that looks similar to the well-known Blackboard platform. The university’s faculty, staff, and workers can log onto this site to obtain helpful services. We have outlined a step-by-step procedure for logging in below:

  • Start by going to CUCHD’s official website.
  • You will be taken to the login page, where the login form is located.
  • Enter your login information.
  • The “Sign In” button is located below.
  • You will be signed in as an employee on the portal after successful entry.

The CUIMS Login Portal Offers the following Services:

Members of Chandigarh University can access a number of services through the CUIMS Login portal, including:

  • Postgraduate and undergraduate programs
  • Department initiatives
  • Faculty change
  • enrollment procedure
  • School year faculty
  • Conferences
  • research standards
  • admission requirements
  • Scholarships
  • Exam outcomes
  • I.D. card
  • guidelines for hall tickets
  • Placement and Training
  • Attendance
  • Online education
  • Fees must be paid
  • Costs and structure of fees
  • Viva

CUIMS Login Helpline:

Students can call the hotline number for assistance if they’ve lost their login information. Students can contact their individual colleges to find a solution if they are unable to do so through the helpline.

  • Address: Chandigarh University, Mohali Punjab (INDIA), NH-05 Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway
  • Email: Toll-free: 1800121288800 General Enquiry: +91-8146948000
  • WhatsApp number for CUCET Technical Support is +91-9611092092.
  • Learner Support Helpline: 1800 1213 88800
  • WhatsApp: 9611092092
  • General Helpline No: +91-160-3051003
  • General Admission Query: Fee Refund

CUIMS Login Support Number:

Students and teachers can get support from the CUIMS Login hotline if they have any problems with the CUIMS site or its services. They can get more assistance from their individual colleges if the problem is still not fixed.

Mobile CUIMS Login App:

The official CUIMS mobile application has begun to be used in order to improve accessibility for users on the go. Students can download the app to their smartphones to access a variety of services. To install the CUIMS app, follow these steps:

  • on your mobile device, visit the Play Store.
  • Look up “CUIMS” in the search field.
  • In the search results, look for the official CUIMS mobile app at the top.
  • To download and install the app, click the “Install” button.

Once downloaded, the app enables quick mobile device access to the CUIMS portal.


The Chandigarh University CUIMS portal is a cutting-edge online tool created to simplify academic and administrative tasks for staff, faculty, and students. CUIMS provides a range of services that improve overall learning and streamline university procedures with its user-friendly interface, practical mobile application, and future enhancements. Students can access a variety of online services using a user-friendly digital platform provided by the Chandigarh University Management System, or CUIMS LOGIN Portal. The gateway eliminates the need for actual campus visits with the goal of ease and efficiency, guaranteeing that students may access their academic information and take use of crucial services from any place.

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