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Kaydon Boebert is notably recognized as the son of Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and her husband, Jayson Boebert. Born into the spotlight due to his mother’s political career, Kaydon’s life experiences and personal details are subjects of public interest.

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Lauren Boebert’s journey into motherhood began at a young age and she takes pride in raising her four sons, among whom Kaydon holds the distinction of being born in a rather unique circumstance, delivered in a car fourteen years ago. The Boebert family’s experiences have resonated with many, highlighting aspects of rural and family life in conservative America.

As the third of Lauren Boebert’s four sons, Kaydon’s upbringing in a politically charged environment adds an intriguing layer to his profile. The narrative of his life is interwoven with the broader story of the Boebert family dynamics, under the consideration of American politics and values his mother represents.

Early Life and Family Background

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Kaydon Boebert is the son of Lauren Boebert, a politician and businesswoman, who is notably recognized as a U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district. Born into a family with a strong political presence, Kaydon gained attention due to his mother’s active role in American politics.

Kaydon’s birth was marked by an unusual circumstance; he was born in a car, an event which garnered a degree of public interest. This unusual beginning of life happens to complement the distinctive lifestyle that Lauren Boebert and her family lead.

Lauren Boebert, who is known for her staunch political stances, married Jayson Boebert. Together they have a family that includes Kaydon and his siblings. The family’s residence is in Silt, Colorado, which serves as the family’s hometown and birthplace.

Family MemberRelationNote
Lauren BoebertMotherU.S. Representative
Jayson BoebertFatherSpouse of Lauren Boebert
SiblingsBrothersKaydon has siblings
Kaydon Boebert Family 1

Extended Family
Lauren Boebert’s personal life entered the national spotlight when it was announced that she would become a grandmother at the age of 36, which consequently meant Kaydon became an uncle. Details about the extended family occasionally surface in media due to the representative’s public figure status.

Given the family’s presence in the political sphere, Kaydon’s upbringing, and family environment are a matter of curiosity for individuals who follow his mother Lauren’s political career. Despite the public interest, the Boebert family maintains a degree of privacy regarding their personal lives.

Personal Details

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This section delves into Kaydon Boebert’s age, date of birth, and educational background, providing clear and factual information about Lauren Boebert’s son.

Age and Birth Information

Kaydon Boebert was born on July 12, 2009 giving him a unique birth story as his mother, Lauren Boebert, delivered him in a Ford F250 on their way to the hospital. As of 2024, Kaydon is considered a teenager, his age is 14.


He is presumed to be of high school age, based on the typical age range for teenagers. Without specific details from the search results, Kaydon’s exact educational status, such as the school he attends or the grade he is in, cannot be provided.

NameKaydon Boebert
ParentsLauren Boebert (Mother, U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district), Jayson Boebert (Father)
Birth Date and PlaceBorn on July 12, 2009, in a car on the way to the hospital, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Siblings3 siblings, Kaydon is the third of Lauren Boebert’s four sons
Notable Family EventsKaydon’s unique birth in a car; Lauren Boebert became a grandmother at 36, making Kaydon an uncle
IncidentsInvolved in a 911 call incident in December 2022, leading to public and media attention
Public LifeGained public interest due to Lauren Boebert’s political career; maintains a private life with limited social media presence
Family’s Societal ImpactLauren Boebert’s conservative political career and advocacy, community engagement, and representation in politics influence family dynamics
Personal AnecdotesKaydon’s birth story is a significant family anecdote, highlighting the Boebert family’s resilience and uniqueness

Incident and Public Attention

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In late 2022, Kaydon Boebert, son of U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, was involved in an incident that led to a 911 call and subsequent public and media attention. Two calls underscored the gravity of the situation, drawing the focus of national media outlets on the family’s personal circumstances.

The 911 Call

On December 11, 2022, Kaydon Boebert made two emergency calls to the Garfield County dispatch. The first call at 6:46 p.m. detailed an alleged assault, with the second call following shortly at 6:53 p.m. During these interactions, the dispatcher engaged with the teen, who recounted that his father had shoved him and threatened to pull his tooth out. The presence of police sirens or a description of labor contractions—commonly associated with emergency calls—were not documented in the available information about this specific incident.

Aftermath and Media Response

Following the incident, the actions taken by local law enforcement received significant scrutiny. Media outlets reported on the altercation, and Kaydon’s accusations became a focal point in the story. Police officers responded to the situation, ensuring the welfare of the teen and examining the claims made during the 911 calls. In the aftermath, the media response was considerable, with various news agencies reporting on the incident and its relevance to the congresswoman’s public figure. However, there was no mention of a hospital visit, indicating that the incident may not have resulted in physical injuries requiring emergency medical care.

Lauren Boebert’s Political Career

Lauren Boebert's political career depicted through campaign signs, a podium with her name, and news headlines about her son, Kaydon Boebert

Lauren Boebert, a U.S. congresswoman representing Colorado’s Third Congressional District, is known for her conservative views and active role in Congress. Her political influence extends to her family, shaping their public engagement.

Congressional Role and Views

Lauren Boebert has positioned herself prominently within the conservative wing of her party, often aligning with other Republican figures such as Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is a staunch anti-abortion advocate, holding firm to conservative values and policies. Boebert’s legislative actions and rhetoric consistently affirm her support for rural conservative communities and resistance to policies endorsed by President Joe Biden.

In Congress, Boebert has taken a strong stance against abortion, voting in line with the Colorado Republican baseline. Her advocacy at events like the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) underscores her commitment to conservative ideologies, which resonates with her constituency and fellow Republicans.

Influence on Family

As a public figure and legislator, Lauren Boebert’s political career inevitably intersects with her family life. Her actions and beliefs in Congress reflect and influence the values upheld within her family circle. By advocating for conservative issues and aligning with prominent Republican figures, Boebert’s familial ties garner attention and her political stances resonate at home, underscoring how her career choices impact her close relations.

Kaydon’s Relationship with His Parents

Kaydon stands between his parents, smiling and holding their hands, showing a strong bond and love between them

Being the child of public figures, Kaydon’s relationship with his parents is characterized by public interest and family dynamics that unfold in the spotlight. His mother, Lauren Boebert, is not only a politician and businesswoman but also an outspoken advocate for gun rights. Kaydon’s father, Jayson Boebert, has shared unique moments with his son that echo the family’s unconventional lifestyle.

With Lauren Boebert

Kaydon Boebert, the son of Lauren Boebert, grew up with his mother’s political career as a backdrop to his everyday life. His mother’s role as a Congresswoman and her staunch advocacy have shaped the public perception of their relationship. Kaydon’s interactions with his mother often reflect her beliefs and he has been present at various political events.

With Jayson Boebert

His father, Jayson Boebert, has also been a significant figure in Kaydon’s life. The family’s unique experiences, such as Kaydon’s arrival into the world in a vehicle while en route to the hospital, suggest that he has shared in the adventurous spirit of his parents. Jayson Boebert’s role as Kaydon’s father and Lauren’s husband has been part of the family’s narrative shared with the public.

Public and Private Life

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Kaydon Boebert, the son of Representative Lauren Boebert, maintains a presence that blends his ties to a public political figure with his own individual persona. When exploring his public and private life, it’s essential to consider both his social media footprint and his personal interests.

Social Media Footprint

Kaydon Boebert’s social media presence is curated and circumspect, reflecting the delicate balance of privacy and the public eye. While he does appear on his mother’s social media accounts, details about his own profiles, such as specific handles or posts, are not extensively documented in public records or media reports. Therefore, it’s challenging to provide a comprehensive view of his online activity, including his relationships, such as with a girlfriend, or interactions as a teenage son.

Personal Interests

Beyond the realm of social media, Kaydon Boebert’s personal interests are similarly shielded from the public domain. While specific hobbies or activities are not widely publicized, it can be inferred from his family’s public lifestyle that he may share interests common among those in his age group, as well as influences from his family’s lifestyle and values.

Controversies and Public Perception

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Kaydon Boebert, the son of U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, has occasionally been mentioned in media reports in connection with controversies surrounding the family. The public perception of Kaydon is intricately tied to his mother’s high-profile political career and the actions of the Boebert family.

Media Reports:

  • In December 2022, a 911 call was made from the Boebert household. Kaydon reportedly called authorities following an alleged altercation with his father, where he was purportedly “thrown around the house.”

Public Criticism:

  • The Boebert family has faced criticism for their handling of firearms. Lauren Boebert, a staunch Second Amendment advocate, has been scrutinized over her firearm-friendly restaurant, Shooter’s Grill, and her family’s association with firearms.

Inherited Scrutiny:

  • Due to his mother’s political stance and actions, Kaydon has sometimes found himself at the center of hereditary scrutiny. Lauren Boebert’s outspokenness and involvement in several controversies have led to a spill-over effect, where family members are also brought under the public eye.

Lifestyle Choices:

  • Allegations surrounding Lauren Boebert’s past, including her spouse’s actions and history with drinking, have contributed to the narrative and discussion around Kaydon. These elements shape the public’s perception of the family environment.

In summary, Kaydon Boebert’s public perception is impacted by the controversies linked to the Boebert family, with particular emphasis on the perceived personal and political actions of his mother.

Boebert Family’s Societal Impact

The Boebert family's impact on society is depicted through Kaydon Boebert's influence

The Boebert family, led by U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, has had a noticeable impact on society through various facets, including community engagement and political representation.

Community Engagement

Lauren Boebert’s integration into the public eye extends beyond her role in politics, touching on community dynamics and activism. She has been a proponent of second amendment rights, which aligns with her family’s values and resonates with a considerable segment of her constituency in Colorado. Her business, Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, where staff famously carry firearms, emphasizes her stance on gun rights and has influenced the community’s culture and conversations about firearms.

Boebert’s becoming a grandmother at a young age has interwoven personal family milestones with broader societal narratives concerning birth rates and the introduction of new life. Her family’s experiences offer a glimpse into the multifaceted lives of community members in Glenwood Springs and the wider Colorado region.

Representation in Politics

As the Colorado representative for the state’s 3rd congressional district, Lauren Boebert has contributed to the political landscape on a national level. Her conservative views and candid demeanor have positioned her as a noteworthy attendee at events such as the Conservative Political Action Conference, amplifying her impact on political discourse.

The engagement of the Boebert family in politics provides a platform for certain demographics, advocating particular views on issues like weapons regulations. As a mother and public figure, Lauren Boebert’s actions and the visibility of her family, including her son Kaydon, contribute to shaping perspectives on family involvement in political life and the ongoing debate surrounding individual liberties and rights.

Personal Anecdotes and Stories

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Kaydon Boebert, the son of Lauren Boebert, was brought into the world under uncommon circumstances. Lauren, at the age of 17, experienced what can best be described as a dramatic natural childbirth. While en route to Valley View Hospital during labor, Lauren and her husband, Jayson Boebert, realized that their baby boy was on an expedited timetable. Kaydon Cline Boebert could not wait, and thus he was born at the West Glenwood exit of Grand Avenue, in Glenwood Springs, inside their Ford F250—a location far from the typical hospital setting.

Following Kaydon’s birth, the family shared their story, highlighting the unpredictability and wonder of childbirth. This experience deeply impacted Lauren and her family, reinforcing her appreciation for the nature of family and childbirth that is not artificially induced. The anecdote of Kaydon’s birth has become a touchstone in the family’s narrative and a story that undoubtedly will be recounted often within their circle.

The Boeberts as a Family:

  • Kaydon Boebert: Born unexpectedly in a vehicle, he has become a symbol of his family’s uniqueness and resilience.
  • Lauren Boebert (Mother): Kaydon’s birth added a remarkable chapter to her life as a young mother.
  • Jayson Boebert (Father): Present for the unconventional birth, he shared this transformative family event.
  • Siblings: They gained an anecdote about their brother’s entrance into the world that they will likely share in many a family conversation.

Despite the unconventional nature of his birth, Kaydon and his family have embraced their story, seeing it as a testament to their strength and connection. Even though few details about Kaydon’s personal life are publicly known, this tale provides a glimpse into the family’s shared experiences and relationships.

FAQS-Kaydon Boebert

Who is Kaydon Boebert?

  • Kaydon Boebert is the son of Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and her husband, Jayson Boebert.

How is Kaydon Boebert related to Lauren Boebert?

  • Kaydon Boebert is the third son of Lauren Boebert, a U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

What is notable about Kaydon Boebert’s birth?

  • Kaydon Boebert’s birth was notable because he was born in a car on July 12, 2009, while his parents were on their way to the hospital, highlighting a unique start to his life.

Has Kaydon Boebert been involved in any public incidents?

  • Yes, in December 2022, Kaydon Boebert was involved in an incident that led to a 911 call and subsequent public and media attention, following an alleged altercation at home.

What impact does Lauren Boebert’s political career have on Kaydon?

  • Lauren Boebert’s political career as a conservative figure and U.S. congresswoman places Kaydon in the public spotlight and influences his upbringing within a politically charged environment, underlining the family dynamics in the context of American politics and conservative values.