Harshad Chopda Biography, Age, Height, Family, Affairs & Detailed Wiki

Harshad Chopda is a distinguished figure in the Indian television industry, renowned for his versatility and compelling performances. Born on May 17, 1983, in Gondia, Maharashtra, he pursued a career in acting against the initial wishes of his parents. His journey to stardom began shortly after completing his education when he moved to Mumbai and successfully auditioned for the TV serial ‘Mamta’ on Zee TV, marking the commencement of his acting career.

Harshad Chopda stands tall, exuding confidence. A loving family surrounds him, while his girlfriend looks on with adoration

Standing out with his impressive height and a charming persona, Chopda quickly gained a foothold in the competitive world of television soaps. His acting prowess is evident from the accolades he has secured, including prestigious awards like the Indian Television Academy and Indian Telly Awards. He is best known for his roles in popular serials like ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil’ and ‘Tere Liye’, and for his acclaimed performance as Aditya Hooda in ‘Bepannah’.

Amidst his professional engagements, Chopda has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. However, his family has been a pillar of support throughout his career fluctuations, witnessing his growth in an industry where he is now celebrated for his contributions to Indian television. Harshad Chopda continues to captivate audiences with his talent, solidifying his status as one of the leading actors in the television arena.

Full NameHarshad Prakash Chopda
Other NameHarshad Chopra
Date of Birth17 May 1983
Age (as of 2023)40 Years
BirthplaceGondia, Maharashtra, India
Zodiac signTaurus
HometownGondia, Maharashtra, India
CollegeP.E.S’s Modern College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Educational QualificationDegree in Engineering
AddressMumbai, Maharashtra, India

Early Life and Education

A young man studying diligently at a cluttered desk, surrounded by books and papers. A determined expression on his face as he pursues his education

Harshad Chopda is a recognized television actor born into a Marwari Jain family, marking his journey from a small town to the television industry.

Family Background

Harshad Chopda hails from a Marwari Jain family in Gondia, Maharashtra. Although his parents initially didn’t support his acting aspirations, they played a significant role in his early life. His nationality is Indian, and he follows the Hindu faith, which is reflective of his deep-rooted cultural values.

FatherParkash Chopra
MotherName Not Known
SisterHarsha Chopra (Younger)

Academic Pursuits

After completing his schooling at Rabindranath Tagore School, Harshad Chopda pursued engineering, a testament to his academic inclination. He enrolled in the Modern College of Engineering, Pune, a decision that marked a significant shift from Gondia to a larger city and a step towards his future professional endeavors. Despite his foray into engineering, his passion for acting prevailed, leading him to the entertainment industry as an adult.

Acting Career

Harshad Chopda stands confidently on a stage, surrounded by bright lights and a cheering audience. His passion for acting shines through his expressive eyes and dynamic body language, captivating the attention of everyone in the room

Harshad Chopda’s journey in the television industry is marked by several pivotal roles that have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase. His career spans various genres and characters, leaving a significant imprint on the landscape of Indian television.

Height180 cm / 1.80 m / 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight80 kg / 176 lbs
Body MeasurementsChest: 44 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Biceps: 16 inches
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack

Television Breakthrough

Chopda’s initial rise to fame came with the role of Cadet Ali Baigh in the military drama series Left Right Left. This role laid the foundation for his successful career in the television industry.

Notable Roles

Entering the limelight, he secured the lead role of Prem Juneja in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, which catapulted him to greater fame. His portrayal of complex characters continued with Anurag Ganguly in Tere Liye, Raghavendra Pratap Singh in Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava?, and Aditya Hooda in Bepannah. Each character brought out different facets of his acting prowess, demonstrating his versatility and depth.

Awards and Recognitions

Harshad Chopda’s performances have been recognized with several accolades, solidifying his status as a distinguished actor. He has been a recipient of the Indian Television Academy Awards, bagging honors for his roles, reflecting his ability to captivate audiences. Furthermore, the Indian Telly Awards have also acknowledged his talent, awarding him for Best Actor in a Leading Role Male, exemplifying his commendable skills in the industry.

Personal Life

Harshad Chopda's personal life: age, height, family, girlfriend, and biography

Harshad Chopda has captivated audiences with his engaging performances and personal charm. Off the screen, his life reflects a blend of traditional values and modern interests.

Interests and Lifestyle

Harshad is known for leading a lifestyle that balances his passion for acting with personal interests. As someone deeply interested in fitness, Chopda maintains a rigorous workout regimen, which contributes to his well-kept physique. His height, often an advantage in the acting world, complements his athletic build.

  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Weight: 80 kg

Aside from his dedication to fitness, he is described as a foodie, enjoying different cuisines as part of his rich lifestyle. Born under the Taurus sign, his grounded and reliable personality traits often shine through his lifestyle choices and interests. Additionally, Harshad’s hobbies include exploring new destinations and enjoying a range of activities that cater to his adventurous spirit.

Relationship Status

Harshad Chopda

While Harshad keeps his personal life private, as of now, he is unmarried. Nevertheless, his relationship status has always been a topic of interest among fans. Harshad prefers not to disclose details about his dating life in public. His social media profiles, specifically Instagram, provide a glimpse into his life but not enough to confirm any rumors about a girlfriend. He manages to keep this aspect of his life away from the limelight, leading to much speculation but little confirmation.

In summary, Harshad Chopda’s personal life is a testament to his commitment to his craft, a love for a healthy and active lifestyle, and a preference for maintaining the privacy of his romantic life.

FatherParkash Chopra
MotherName Not Known
SisterHarsha Chopra (Younger)

Beyond Acting

Harshad Chopda's intense gaze captivates the audience, his charismatic presence filling the room. His strong, confident posture exudes an aura of power and determination

While widely recognized for his roles in television, Harshad Chopda has extended his reach beyond the confines of acting. His influence and activities have made an impact on public opinion and gathered attention in philanthropic endeavors.

Public Influence

Harshad Chopda, known for his work in Indian television, has a significant presence on social media platforms which he utilizes to engage with fans and shed light on various topics. Featured by the Times of India on multiple occasions, he has established a reputation that transcends his roles in the industry. Chopda’s opinions and statements often gain widespread attention, influencing public discourse.

Philanthropy and Endorsements

Chopda’s involvement in philanthropy, though not as publicized as his acting career, reflects his commitment to giving back to the community. His endorsements, a testament to his net worth and marketability, span from lifestyle brands to charitable causes. Chopda’s brand affiliations also highlight his ability to leverage his Bollywood fame for the greater good.