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Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System (IFHRMS)

  • A comprehensive platform for Tamil Nadu government employees is the IFHRMS portal.
  • Accessing the IFHRMS Tamilnadu Website using the IFHRMS Login
  • How can I reset my password through the IFHRMS portal?
  • The IFHRMS website offers services.
  • Using the IFHRMS Login, get pay slips
  • Call the IFHRMS Helpline for assistance.
  • Departments of the IFHRMS under the Finance Department
  • Update on the IFHRMS Karuvoolam NSD Change
  • How to obtain a Tamilnadu Epayslip via IFHRMS?
  • IFHRMS Portal Login Required Documents
  • Process for Downloading IFHRMS Pensioners Pay Slip
  • How to download an e-Challan using the IFHRMS E Challan Search?

Let’s now examine each section in more detail:

Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System (IFHRMS)

Integrated Financial & Human Resource Management System is the full name of the system. The state of Tamil Nadu has deployed this software to control its financial operations and human resource management procedures.

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A Comprehensive platform for Tamil Nadu government employees is the IFHRMS portal.

Employees employed by the Tamil Nadu government have access to all work-related information and services through the IFHRMS portal, which is accessible at It is handled by the state’s Financial Department, Treasury Department, and Accounts Department. The portal provides a number of services, including pay stubs, leave requests, crucial messages and notifications, transfers, promotions, attendance reports, and more. It guarantees information transparency and availability for government workers.

Accessing the IFHRMS Tamilnadu Website using the IFHRMS Login

Follow these procedures to sign in to the IFHRMS Tamilnadu website:

  • Go to via the web.
  • The “Login” option is located at the top of the screen.
  • The “Employee” or “Pensioner” login options are available.
  • Enter the User ID and Password for employees, then select “Sign In.”
  • PPO Number, User ID, and Password must be entered for pensioners before clicking “Sign In.”
  • The IFHRMS Tamilnadu website will then take you to your profile, where you can utilize the services that are offered.

How can I reset my password through the IFHRMS portal?

In the event that you forget your password, do the following to retrieve it:
  • Go to to view the webpage.
  • Select “Login” from the menu.
  • Click the “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Select “Employee” or “Pensioner” and provide the required information.
  • Please provide the User ID for workers.
  • Enter the PPO number and User ID for pensioners.
  • After entering the security code or captcha, click “Verify.”
  • Your registered email address or cellphone number will receive a password recovery link after the portal has verified your information.
  • To create a new password, click the link and adhere to the directions.
  • Access the IFHRMS website using the new password.

The IFHRMS website offers services.

The IFHRMS website provides a number of services and features, such as:
  • Management of financial transactions for the Tamil Nadu government.
  • maintaining government personnel’ service histories.
  • keeping track of and managing information on pay, benefits, and raises.
  • Employees get online access to their wage statements.
  • posting holiday schedules to assist staff in organizing vacations.
  • filing of a leave request, tracking of responses, and verification of remaining leave.
  • facilitating dialogue between subordinates and employees.
  • Notifying people of promotions, transfers, and other changes connected to their jobs and issuing orders.

Using the IFHRMS Login, get pay slips:

Follow these steps to download your salary payslip from the IFHRMS website:
  • Visit to access the website.
  • Your User ID and Password must be entered once you choose the login option.
  • Go to the “Finance” area of the home page after logging in.
  • Choose “Payroll” from the drop-down menu.
  • To customize the payslip, select the appropriate month and year, then click “Submit.”
  • The payslip will be shown on the internet, and you can download it to preserve it. If necessary, you can also print the payslip.

Call the IFHRMS Helpline for assistance.

  • Contact the customer service helpline at 04440172172
  • if you experience any problems with the IFHRMS website or login. The official website provides this number.

Departments of the IFHRMS under the Finance Department:

The following divisions within the Finance Department of Tamil Nadu are served by the IFHRMS system:

Accounts & Treasuries
Local Fund Audit, Small Savings Pension Cooperative Audit, Chief Auditor of Statutory Boards, Government Data Center, and Karuvoolam NSD Update on change

The most recent update on the IFHRMS portal at states that a new NSD (Non-Salary Distribution) Change has been made. To minimize the requirement for mark-for-retry modifications, NSD has been isolated from the payroll run for the February 2021 payroll. For updating NSD, a new screen has been given, and the user guide for that screen is available on the site.

How to obtain a Tamil Nadu Epay slip via IFHRMS?

Follow these procedures to access your Tamil Nadu epay slip from IFHRMS:

  • Visit
  • Locate the login form and select “epayslip” from the menu.
  • Enter your EmpCode and choose the Suffix in ePayslip (
  • Enter your birthdate and then select “Login.”
  • You can get your ePayslip from the IFHRMS epayroll system after being forwarded there.

IFHRMS Portal Login Required Documents

Make sure you have the following documents available before attempting to log in:
  • IFHRMS Login ID and Password: Both of these items must be current in order to access the IFHRMS.
  • Employee ID: The IFHRMS portal needs to be configured with your employee ID.
  • Mobile phone: You should be able to reach the mobile phone linked to your account.

Process for Downloading IFHRMS Pensioners Pay Slip

The methods below can be used to download your retirees’ pay slip from the IFHRMS portal:
  • Click here to access the official website,
  • In the top left corner, select the login link.
  • Select “Pensioner” and type your login information (username, ID, and password).
  • To access your dashboard, click “Sign In”.
  • You can get your pension pay slip from there.

How to download an e-Challan using the IFHRMS E Challan Search?

These steps should be followed to search for and download an e-Challan from the IFHRMS portal:
  • Go to to access the official website.
  • Select “e Challan Search” from the menu.
  • Put in both your registered cellphone number and challan number.
  • Select “Search” from the menu.
  • An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • To finish the transaction, enter the OTP on the website.
  • You can now quickly search for and download your e-Challan from the IFHRMS.
  • You can get the most of the facilities offered by the IFHRMS Tamilnadu portal by adhering to these steps.

In conclusion, for employees of the Tamil Nadu State Government to access information about their monthly salaries, they must have a copy of their IFHRMS Pay Slip. Employees must have a working login ID and password for IFHRMS as well as have their employee ID registered on the IFHRMS portal in order to access the pay slip. The official IFHRMS website can be used to complete the simple process of getting the pay slip online.


1. Can I change my employee’s information using IFHRMS?

By logging onto the IFHRMS site, you can update general information like your communication address. However, the IFHRMS administrator, who is often your department’s disbursing officer, must update important data, such as your bank account information.

2. Can I apply for a loan using my IFHRMS payslip?

When filing a loan application, you may, in fact, use your IFHRMS payslip as a reference for your wage. You might need to get it stamped though so the accounts department can check it.

3. Are all TN government employees able to access the IFHRMS portal?

Only workers of particular departments within the TN government have access to the IFHRMS portal.

4. What should I do if I forget my login ID for the IFHRMS portal?

You can go to the official website, click on the login icon, and choose the “Forgotten user ID” option if you forget your login ID. You will be prompted by the system to enter your registered mobile number, after which you will be sent an OTP (One-Time Password) for confirmation. You will receive a text message with your user ID following verification.

5. Can I view old paystubs on the IFHRMS portal?

Through the IFHRMS portal, you can retrieve payslip information from the previous three years. The system will get the information for you if you just enter the pertinent month.

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