Kirti Mehra (YouTuber) Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, Affairs, Husband & Detailed Wiki: Unveiling the Facts

Kirti Mehra has established herself prominently in the digital domain as an Indian YouTuber and social media influencer. Born and brought up in Delhi, Mehra channels her creativity and charisma into content that resonates with a large audience. Her presence is not limited to merely entertaining viewers; she has also been recognized for her affiliation with Elvish Yadav, a popular YouTuber and singer. This connection augments her recognition in the ever-expansive world of social media personalities.

Kirti Mehra stands confidently, smiling as she records a YouTube video, surrounded by her family and friends. Her warm personality shines through as she engages with her audience

At a young age, Kirti Mehra has navigated the complexities of building an online brand with poise. Her journey extends beyond her personal accolades as it reflects the larger narrative of India’s burgeoning internet culture. As an influencer, her life involves a nuanced balance between public engagement and personal experiences, a balance that is often reflected in her content. Her height, age, and family background form part of her identity, contributing to the relatability and authenticity that her followers appreciate.

The contemporary digital landscape in India is a confluence of tradition and modernity, and Kirti Mehra is at its forefront. Navigate her biography to comprehend the strides she has made in YouTube fame. Her influence extends beyond mere entertainment, serving as a mirror to the aspirations and dynamics of a young, digitally-empowered India. Her story is not just a solitary account of success but a chapter in the evolving chronicle of India’s youth making their mark on the global stage.

NameKirti Mehra
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1997 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2024)27 Years
BirthplaceDelhi, India
Zodiac signLeo
HometownDelhi, India
College/UniversityHansraj College, University of Delhi (2015-2018)
Food HabitVegetarian
Marital StatusUnmarried
Affairs/BoyfriendsElvish Yadav (YouTuber; ex)
ParentsFather: Raju Mehra (deceased in 2021)
Mother: Kanika Mehra
SiblingsBrother: Harsh Mehra (younger)

Early Life and Education

A young woman sits at a desk surrounded by books and a laptop. She is focused on her studies, with determination in her eyes. A family photo sits on the desk, showing her strong bond with her loved ones

Kirti Mehra, a prominent figure in the Indian YouTube community, has her roots deeply planted in her hometown of Delhi. She is not only known for her online presence but also for her educational journey which shaped her into the influencer she is today. This section explores Kirti Mehra’s family background, her schooling experience, and her collegiate years, providing a glimpse into the environment and support system that contributed to her success.

Family Background

Kirti Mehra was born into a Delhi-based family. Her father, Raju Mehra, and mother, Kanika Mehra, have been supportive of her career choices. She also has a brother named Harsh Mehra. The Mehra family’s Delhi residency provides Kirti with a connection to her Indian roots and cultural heritage, which is often reflected in her content.

Kirti Mehra Family


The foundation of Kirti’s education was laid in Delhi, where she attended local schools that contributed to her holistic development. During her school years, she honed her creative skills which would later become central to her career as a YouTuber.

College Years

After completing her schooling, Kirti Mehra pursued higher education at Hansraj College, which is affiliated with the University of Delhi. Her college years were formative, helping her to develop a broader perspective and providing her with opportunities to engage with a diverse student body. It was during this time that she began to venture into the world of social media, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

HeightCentimeters: 163 cm
Meters: 1.63
Feet & inches: 5’ 4”
WeightKilograms: 55 kg
Pounds: 121 lbs
Figure Measurements34-30-34
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Career and Achievements

Kirti Mehra's achievements: YouTube logo, play button, camera, laptop, awards, subscriber count, social media icons, microphone, and a happy expression

Kirti Mehra has established herself as a successful YouTuber, leveraging her talent for content creation to build a dedicated following. Her journey on the platform has been marked by notable collaborations and recognitions, while she also maintains a significant presence across various social media platforms.

Rise as a YouTuber

Kirti Mehra began her journey on YouTube, creating a YouTube Channel that focused mainly on vlogs and comedy content. Her engaging style quickly resonated with viewers, leading to a growing number of subscribers. With consistent content creation, she earned the Silver Play Button, an acknowledgment given by YouTube to channels that surpass 675K subscribers.

Collaborations and Recognitions

She gained further fame through her association with popular YouTuber Elvish Yadav, which brought her into the spotlight. Their collaborations on YouTube have been well-received, showcasing her versatility as a social media influencer. Kirti’s knack for creating relatable content has not only increased her subscribers but also led to various recognitions within the online community.

Presence on Social Media Platforms

Beyond YouTube, Kirti Mehra has cultivated a robust presence on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and previously on TikTok before its ban in India. On Instagram, she has amassed a substantial number of followers, engaging with them through personal snapshots of her life, behind-the-scenes content, and professional updates. Her presence on these platforms solidifies her status as a social media influencer.

Personal Life

Kirti Mehra's personal life: family photos, YouTube logo, laptop, camera, and diary

Kirti Mehra, an Indian YouTuber known for her engaging content and social media presence, leads an intriguing personal life, marked by her clear distinction as being currently unmarried and her proud association with her Hindu faith and Leo zodiac sign.

Relationship Status

Kirti Mehra, at 26 years of age, openly identifies as unmarried. Her relationship status became a topic of interest due to her previous association with another YouTube personality, Elvish Yadav. Information regarding her current dating life remains private, respecting her choice to keep these details out of the public eye.

Hobbies and Interests

Kirti’s lifestyle reflects her enthusiasm for hobbies and her distinctive tastes in food and fashion. Passionate about creating content, she also enjoys exploring various interests. Although detailed specifics of her favorites in food and fashion are not well-documented, it is consistent with the personalized brand image she portrays through her social media activities. Kirti’s hobbies are an integral part of her lifestyle, contributing to her overall persona as a dynamic influencer and YouTuber.

Physical Attributes and Net Worth

Kirti Mehra, a popular YouTuber, stands confidently with a warm smile, exuding success and wealth. Her physical attributes and net worth are evident in her poised demeanor and luxurious surroundings

Kirti Mehra stands at an approximate Height of 5′ 4″ and maintains a weight of around 55 kg. Her commitment to fitness is evident in her Figure Measurements which are approximately 34-30-34. With her Black Hair Colour, she presents a striking Physical Appearance that resonates with her audience and complements her on-screen presence.

As a YouTuber with a significant following, Kirti Mehra’s Net Worth is a reflection of her digital success. Her earnings are a testament to her influence and reach as a content creator. As of her last update, Mehra enjoys a substantial net worth, believed to be between $1 million to $5 million, which she accrues from her activities as a YouTuber, model, and social media influencer.

Her financial achievements and varied interests suggest a lifestyle supported by her entrepreneurial success within the digital sphere.


1. What is Kirti Mehra nickname?

Kirti Mehra nickname is “Mansi.”

2. When was Kirti Mehra born?

Kirti Mehra was born on July 31, 1997, in Delhi, India.

3. How old is Kirti Mehra?

As of 2024, Kirti Mehra is 27 years old.

4. What is Kirti Mehra zodiac sign?

Kirti Mehra zodiac sign is Leo.

5. Where is Kirti Mehra from?

Kirti Mehra is from Delhi, India.

6. What is Kirti Mehra nationality?

Kirti Mehra is Indian.

7. What is Kirti Mehra height and weight?

Kirti Mehra stands approximately 163 cm tall (5 feet 4 inches) and weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs).

8. What are Kirti Mehra figure measurements?

Kirti Mehra figure measurements are approximately 34-30-34.

9. What is Kirti Mehra eye and hair color?

Kirti Mehra has black eyes and black hair.

10. Where did Kirti Mehra study?

Kirti Mehra attended Hansraj College, University of Delhi, from 2015 to 2018.

11. What is Kirti Mehra profession?

Kirti Mehra is a YouTuber and Social Media Influencer.

12. What is Kirti Mehra known for?

Kirti Mehra gained recognition as the ex-girlfriend of the famous YouTuber Elvish Yadav.

13. Is Kirti Mehra married?

No, Kirti Mehra is unmarried.

14. What are Kirti Mehra food habits?

Kirti Mehra follows a vegetarian diet.

15. Does Kirti Mehra have any tattoos?

Yes, Kirti Mehrai has multiple tattoos, including ones on her wrists, arms, back, and ankle.