Noor Malabika Biography, Age, Height, Family, Affairs, Wiki & More Details Revealed

Noor Malabika is an emerging talent in the Indian entertainment industry, known for her work as an actress and model. Born on November 1, 1993, she has carved a niche for herself in a relatively short period. With solid roots in Bengali culture, Noor has expanded her horizons beyond regional borders, gaining recognition across India for her roles in web series and short films. Her on-screen presence is complemented by her background in the hospitality industry, which provided her a platform to develop strong interpersonal skills before she transitioned into acting.

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Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, Noor Malabika combines her physical attributes with her acting prowess to bring diverse characters to life. Her journey through the industry reflects a passion for performance and a dedication to craft. Her body of work includes bold roles that have contributed to her popularity, particularly on social media platforms where she actively engages with a growing fan base.

Family plays a significant role in Noor’s life, although specifics about her parents and siblings remain private. Striking a balance between her personal life and a demanding career, she remains a subject of interest for those fascinated by the stories of new artists forging their path in the competitive world of Indian cinema. Her journey is a testament to her versatility and her ambition to make a lasting impact on the audience with each role she portrays.

Early Life and Background

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Noor Malabika, an emerging talent in India’s entertainment industry, combines her early life’s diverse experiences with her innate acting flair. This section delves into her birth, family background, education, early career steps, rise to stardom, and personal life.

Birth and Family

Noor Malabika was born on November 1, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She hails from a family that practices Hinduism, and while specific details about her parents or any siblings are limited, it is known that she was brought up within the cultural backdrop of Mumbai, embedding traditional values and the cosmopolitan ethos of the city in her upbringing.

Education and Early Career

For her education, Noor Malabika attended the Jettwings School of Aviation, where she pursued a course in Aviation and Management. This education likely provided her with a foundational understanding of the hospitality industry. Her career started in the hospitality sector before she made the transition into acting, gaining experience from esteemed establishments.

Rise to Fame

Noor’s foray into the entertainment industry was marked by her versatile acting skills. She transitioned from hospitality to acting, showcasing her talent in various web series and short films. Her dedication saw her gaining popularity for bold and defining roles that resonated with the audience, solidifying her status as an actress to watch.

Personal Life

As of her last update, Noor Malabika is unmarried and has a personal life that she keeps out of the spotlight. She uses platforms like Instagram to engage with her fans, offering glimpses into her professional updates more than her private life.

Real NameMalabika Das
ProfessionActress and Model
Height167 cm (5′ 6″)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs)
Figure Measurements34-28-34
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
DebutWeb Series: Siskiyaan Palang Tod (Seasons 1) (Ullu)
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1993
Age (as of 2024)31 Years
BirthplaceMumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac signScorpio
HometownMumbai, Maharashtra
College/UniversityJettwings School Of Aviation in Aviation and Management
Educational QualificationGraduate
CasteBengali Brahmin
Food HabitNon-vegetarian
HobbiesModeling, singing, cooking, writing, working out
Tattoo(s)On wrist – Crown with her name ‘Noor’
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsFather- Name not known, Mother- Name not known
SiblingsBrother- 1 (younger), Sister- Mousami Das Chowdhury (elder)
Favourite FoodFish, Dumplings
Favourite ActorTiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan
Favourite BeverageMasala Chai

Inspirations and Influences

Her influences in the acting world include industry stalwarts like Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan, whom she admires for their dedication and skill. Additionally, Noor is known to have interests in hobbies such as singing, cooking, and maintaining fitness through regular visits to the gym. Her taste for chocolates is a relatable trait that connects her with many of her followers.

Career Highlights

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Transforming from a background in hospitality to a notable figure in the entertainment industry, Noor Malabika has made a considerable impact through her roles in web series, modeling pursuits, and frequent collaborations.

Acting and Web Series

Noor Malabika rose to prominence in the Indian web series circuit, featuring in popular titles under the Ullu app’s banner. She garnered attention for her performances in various “Palang Tod” episodes such as “Siskiyaan Palang Tod” and “Charmsukh teekhi chutney”. Her work includes roles that often showcase a blend of dramatic and romantic elements, and she has become recognized for her bold portrayals in these adult-themed series.

Modeling and Endorsements

Beyond acting, Noor Malabika has also established herself in the modeling world. Standing tall with an impressive height and maintained weight, she has been the face of multiple brands and products. Her physique and confidence have made her a sought-after model for various endorsements. On Instagram and other social media platforms, she frequently shares her professional modeling shots, connecting with a wide audience and engaging in influencer marketing.

Collaborations and Projects

Her career path has led to numerous collaborations in the Indian entertainment industry. Based out of Mumbai, India, Noor Malabika has worked on diverse projects ranging from short films to web series, amassing a portfolio that showcases her versatility in acting and modeling. Her involvement in projects such as “Charmsukh saali aadhi gharwali” and “Charmsukh tapan” has significantly boosted her visibility and solidified her professional name within the industry.

Personal Attributes

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This section delves into the distinct personal characteristics of Noor Malabika, from her physical attributes to her online presence and personal lifestyle choices.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 6 inches approx.
Weight: 59 kg approx.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Body Measurements: 34-28-34 approx.

Noor Malabika displays a striking physical appearance with a focus on fitness. Her height and figure measurements suggest a strong commitment to maintaining her physique.

Public Persona and Social Media

Instagram: Active presence with regular updates
Facebook: Holds an account with frequent interaction

Noor Malabika maintains a public persona that engages with her audience on major social media platforms. Her online activity includes sharing moments from her professional and personal life.


Diet: Indicates adherence to a well-managed diet
Fitness: Regular gym sessions

She leads a lifestyle that prioritizes health and wellbeing, as evidenced by her gym routine and dietary habits. Noor Malabika’s focus on fitness and her diet plan align with her modelling career demands in Mumbai.

Public Recognition and Future Endeavors

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Noor Malabika has carved a niche for herself in the competitive entertainment industry with her commendable performances, which have not only garnered her public recognition but have also positioned her to make strategic moves for the future. As she stands at the threshold of expanding her horizons, her anticipation-filled career path reflects her Mumbai-origin grit combined with her educational background in aviation and management.

Accomplishments and Net Worth

  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches (Approx.)
  • Education: Aviation and Management, Jettwings School of Aviation
  • Notable Work: Defining roles in web series and independent films

Noor Malabika’s talent, which blossomed in Mumbai’s vibrant cultural setting, has translated into notable achievements in the acting realm. Known prominently for her spirited performances in web series that have broadened her fan base, she has seen her career graph rise. Her involvement in the entertainment sector of India has significantly impacted her net worth, which is a testament to her successful foray into acting.

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Ventures and Aspirations

  • Known For: Acting, Modeling
  • Career Aspiration: Expand her repertoire in acting and modeling

With a foundation anchored in the hospitality industry and having transitioned into acting, Noor Malabika is poised to explore further creative ventures. Her aspirations go beyond present accomplishments, aiming to stretch the boundaries of her talent and diversify her portfolio. Malabika’s ambition is not just to establish herself as an actress but also to leave an indelible mark as a multifaceted artist.

Legacy and Influence

  • Inspirational Figure: Symbol of modern Indian actress breaking traditional molds
  • Impact: Empowering young Indian women through her roles and career choices

Noor Malabika’s influence as a role model reaches beyond her performances, inspiring a new generation of women in Mumbai, India, and beyond, to pursue their dreams with determination. Her diverse roles and career choices reflect her strong inspiration to others. With each role, she contributes to a legacy that encourages bold career moves and personal authenticity in a traditional industry context.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This section addresses some of the most common inquiries regarding Noor Malabika’s career and online presence, providing straightforward answers for those seeking more information about the actress.

What are some web series featuring Noor Malabika?

Noor Malabika has appeared in various web series, particularly known for her roles in Indian web series that have gained her popularity.

How can I find Noor Malabika on Instagram?

Noor Malabika’s Instagram profile can be found by searching her name on the Instagram platform. She actively shares updates and interacts with her followers on her account.

Can you list the series that Noor Malabika has acted in?

A complete list of series featuring Noor Malabika includes both her popular and lesser-known roles in the web series genre. Specific series titles are currently not provided but may include her most recognized works.

Who is Pihu Singh and what is her connection to Noor Malabika?

Pihu Singh might be a character in one of the projects or series involving Noor Malabika. Their connection would typically be based on the narrative of the series or the role each individual plays within it.

Which actresses have appeared in Ullu web series?

Several actresses, including Noor Malabika, have been featured in Ullu web series, which are known for their bold content. These actresses often play pivotal roles in the success of their respective series.

What is the role of Neha Gupta in relation to the Siskiyaan series?

Neha Gupta might be an actress or a character within the Siskiyaan web series. Her role would pertain to her contribution to the series, either by portrayal or by association with its production.