Paradox (Rapper) Biography, Age, Height, Family, Affairs, Wiki & More Details Revealed

Rising from the vibrant underground rap scene in India, Paradox, whose real name is Tanishq Singh, has established himself as a formidable name in the music industry. Born on October 24, 2003, in Delhi, he catapulted to fame through his participation in the reality TV rap show “MTV Hustle 2.0” in 2022. Known for his lyrical dexterity and dynamic performances, Paradox has become synonymous with the new wave of Indian rappers capturing the attention of the nation’s youth. He represents a generation that isn’t afraid to experiment with music, blending traditional rap elements with local flavors.

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Despite his youth, Paradox stands at an average height and maintains a distinct appearance with his black hair often accentuated with brown highlights. Details about his personal life, such as his relationships and family background, are kept private, allowing his artistry to take center stage. His dedication to honing his craft from a teenager has been apparent, participating in various cultural contests that paved the way for his emergence in the professional rap circuit.

As a young music producer and songwriter, he has not only garnered a significant fan base but also respects within the rap community for his work ethic and creative versatility. His journey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of musical excellence, which is evident in his growing body of work and the impact he has made in a relatively short period.

Early Life and Background

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Born in the bustling city of Delhi, India, Tanishq Singh, prominently known as Paradox, began his journey in life with a deep-seated passion for music and rap. His early years were marked by creative engagement in his hometown, where he first showcased his budding talent.

Family Roots

Paradox, whose real name is Tanishq Singh, celebrates his birthday on October 24, 2003. He was raised in a family hailing from Delhi, where cultural and musical roots run deep.

Parents and Siblings:
Details about Paradox’s family are limited, but it is known that his upbringing in the capital city of India, within a family that supported his artistic endeavors, played a significant role in his early exposure to music. His mother, often described as a Hindi school teacher, instilled in him the discipline and love for the Hindi language, which later influenced his rap lyrics.

As he grew up, Tanishq Singh embraced his heritage and his family’s values, all of which are echoed in his music that resonates with many of his listeners across the nation. Singh’s upbringing in Delhi provided him with a front-row seat to the diverse sounds and stories that the city had to offer, forming a backdrop for his lyrical narrative. Not much is known about his siblings or their influence on his career, as he has maintained a level of privacy regarding his family life.

Real nameTanishq Singh
Profession(s)Rapper, Lyricist, Music Composer
Height5’ Feet 6” Inches (168 cm)
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack (highlighted brown)
Date of Birth24 October 2003 (Friday)
Age (as of 2024)21 Years
BirthplaceNajafgarh, Delhi
Zodiac signScorpio
SchoolKendriya Vidyalaya Sector 5, Dwarka, Delhi
Educational QualificationB.Com
Marital StatusUnmarried
YouTube SubscribersAround 580k
Notable Songs“Rihaayi,” “Jaadugar,” “Chhore NCR Aale,” “Glitch,” “Perfy,” “Hasti Rahe Tu,” “Sirhaana”
Notable AchievementsFirst runner-up in MTV Hustle 2.0, featured in MTV India’s FIFA World Cup ’22 commercial
InterestsTravelling, exploring new cultures, playing the harmonium
AdditionalSkilled table tennis player during school, discovered hip-hop at age 14, faced financial challenges due to father’s health issues

Music Career

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Paradox’s journey in the music industry is marked by his rapid rise to fame, significant contributions to the Indian hip-hop scene, and dynamic collaborations. As a skilled rapper, music composer, and hip-hop artist, he has made a notable impact, particularly through his presence on MTV’s reality show and his active engagement with his fans on social media platforms.

Rise to Fame

Paradox, whose real name is Tanishq Singh, catapulted to national fame as a contestant on the Indian reality show MTV Hustle 2.0. His exposure on this platform provided him a considerable boost, allowing him to showcase his talents to a wide audience. His adept lyrical prowess and compelling stage presence quickly gathered him a significant following on social media, including Instagram and YouTube, propelling his career forward.

Major Works

His discography includes a variety of rap songs that reflect his versatility as a lyricist and his grasp on the complexities of hip-hop music. Despite his young age, Paradox has demonstrated his capability as a music composer, producing songs that resonate with the listeners and reflect the contemporary Indian hip-hop culture.


Paradox has worked with several artists which have enriched his experience and extended his reach in the industry. Collaborations, both live on stage and in recorded tracks, have allowed him to blend his unique style with other artists’. Social media interactions, like those with Rohan Cariappa, and mentions by established rappers like Badshah, have further strengthened his position in the music world.

Notable Achievements

Paradox rapping on stage, surrounded by cheering fans, holding a trophy with a spotlight shining down on him

Paradox, an Indian rapper, has made significant strides in the music industry with his flair for hip-hop. His achievements are a testament to his skill and popularity within the Indian rap landscape.

Television Appearances

Paradox gained widespread popularity after participating in MTV Hustle 2.0, a competitive platform for budding rappers. His performances on the show showcased his proficiency in rap and won him critical acclaim, as well as a surge in his fan following.

Awards and Recognition

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Despite being a newcomer, Paradox’s talent received formal recognition when he advanced to the national level. His appearance on shows like MTV Hustle 2.0 underscored his potential in the hip-hop genre, setting a precedent for his career. While specific awards and titles are still forthcoming, his status as a runner-up on a national platform speaks volumes about his artistic capabilities.

Personal Interests and Trivia

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Paradox, an Indian rapper whose real name is Tanishq Singh, has made a name for himself with his catchy beats and clever lyrics. Understanding his personal interests, lifestyle, and unique trivia provides a holistic view of this emerging artist.


  • Height: 5′ 6″ – 5′ 7″
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Physical Appearance: Paradox sports black hair, often highlighted brown, and his eye color is brown.
  • Religion: Hinduism

He is known to have a passion for music, reflecting in his daily life from a young age. Paradox’s followers appreciate not just his musical talent but his embodiment of a lifestyle that’s rooted in his middle-class upbringing in Delhi.

Trivia and Facts

  • Real Name: Tanishq Singh
  • Net Worth: Information about his net worth is not widely available.
  • Animal Lover: His fondness for animals is evident, though specifics are not detailed.
  • Harmonium: He is capable of playing the harmonium, among other instruments.
  • Table Tennis: Paradox has shown an interest in sports, including table tennis.
  • Travel: He enjoys travel, which often provides inspiration for his music.
  • Insolvable Paradox: The rapper’s stage name suggests a fondness for the intellectually challenging and perhaps reflects his approach to music.

Paradox maintains a private life, with little known about his relationships. He is unmarried and stays away from publicly discussing his romantic life. Through his lyrics and occasional social media posts, Paradox displays an interest in poetry and has even tackled on-the-spot creative challenges like the 1-minute rap challenge. His journey from participating in local contests to appearing on television commercials marks his rise in the Indian music industry.

FAQSTanishq Singh

What is Tanishq Singh known for?

  • Tanishq Singh, also known as Paradox, is known for being a rapper, lyricist, and music composer who gained popularity on the TV show MTV Hustle 2.0.

How did Tanishq Singh start his career in music?

  • He started his career in music by writing his first rap song for a girl in his tuition classes during class 9 and later took part in a rap challenge organized by Rohan Cariappa, which opened up collaboration opportunities with hip-hop artists.

What achievements has Tanishq Singh earned?

  • Tanishq Singh was the first runner-up on MTV Hustle 2.0 and has popular songs like “Rihaayi,” “Jaadugar,” “Chhore NCR Aale,” and “Glitch.”

What hobbies or interests does Tanishq Singh have?

  • In his free time, Tanishq enjoys travelling, exploring new destinations, experiencing new cultures, and is skilled in playing the harmonium.

Has Tanishq Singh faced any personal challenges?

  • Yes, Tanishq has opened up about the financial challenges his family faced due to his father’s health issues.