Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023-List of Departments for Rajasthan Jan Soochna @jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in

The creative Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023 has changed public aid and welfare programs in Rajasthan. For the citizens of Rajasthan, this official website acts as a one-stop shop, offering thorough details about numerous government initiatives and their advantages. The state government hopes to increase transparency and accessibility through this initiative, ensuring that residents can easily access information about these initiatives. This centralized online platform is made to effectively provide detailed information about government programs to Rajasthan residents. The site intends to make it easier for people to access and understand numerous government programs by providing a consistent interface, increasing public engagement and fostering transparency.

Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal:

Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot initiated this initiative during a meeting at Birla, when he formally unveiled the Rajasthan Public Information Portal 2023. This was a huge move in the right direction. The Chief Minister highlighted the integration of all active activities into a single digital area in order to acknowledge the importance of this undertaking. By improving the user experience and doing away with the necessity for further registrations, this ground-breaking endeavor makes sure that beneficiaries’ records are efficiently preserved on the public website in Rajasthan.

Programs are easier to access because to the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023, which provides a platform for interested candidates. People can easily navigate the portal because to its user-friendly design, which also makes it simple for them to get important details about various government initiatives. Due to the portal’s online presence, interested parties can examine the offerings without leaving their homes, saving time-consuming in-person trips.

Comprehensive Program Inclusion: The Rajasthan government has diligently assembled a portfolio of 149 programs from 28 different ministries for the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023, underscoring its dedication to promoting public welfare. This inclusiveness makes sure that people from different backgrounds and sectors may find relevant programs that meet their requirements, improving the general well-being of the state’s population.

The Rajasthan Public Information Portal

Getting Rid of Redundancy and Increasing Efficiency: In the past, Rajasthani citizens had to wade through the complexities of RTI offices in order to interact with government programs. Time and money were frequently lost during this process. Delays in application approvals added to the difficulties. However, the Rajasthan Public Information Portal 2023 aims to buck this tendency. The portal considerably reduces redundancy and inefficiency by providing a single platform for accessing scheme data, checking expiration dates, and submitting applications.

Providing a Simplified Information Dissemination Process: The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal’s ability to deliver a Simplified Information Dissemination Process is a key objective. The time when people had to often visit RTI offices in order to submit applications or remain up-to-date on program deadlines is long gone. All of this important data is easily accessible through the portal, making life for Rajasthan’s residents more convenient and effective.

Key characteristics:

  • Centralized Information Access: The portal acts as a single point of access to information, making it easier to look up specifics regarding various government initiatives.
  • Application Process Simplified: Since all programs are accessible through a single platform, unnecessary registration steps are removed, which streamlines the procedure.
  • Simple Accessibility: The web platform is simple for interested parties to use, promoting easy interactions between citizen initiatives and government programs.
  • Enhanced Transparency: The portal encourages transparency in governance by centralizing beneficiary records and program information.
  • Savings in Time and Money: The gateway greatly decreases the need for residents to physically visit government facilities, saving them both time and money.
  • Pioneer of Transparency: By launching such a comprehensive information site, Rajasthan becomes the first state to connect the general public with various government agencies.
  • Information Streamlining: The portal’s main goal is to make it simple and quick to obtain data from government agencies, promoting more accountability and transparency.
  • Single-Platform Access: The Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal will provide access to data from 13 departments, making it easier for residents to access a variety of public records.
  • Compliance with RTI Act: The portal ensures the proactive disclosure of information in accordance with Section 4(2) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, preventing citizens from having to submit information requests.

Benefits of the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal:

The state government created the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Entryway, which has various benefits:

The Jan Suchna Portal offers a direct link to E-Mitra services, allowing people to easily access assistance at their nearby E-Mitra center. E-Mitra Services at Your Fingertips. Citizens are given the ability to effectively handle their requirements thanks to this seamless connection, which represents a forward-thinking move toward digital empowerment.

Access to public services is transformed thanks to the Rajasthan Public Information Portal, which gives individuals access to a wide range of services provided by various government agencies. This online accessibility helps to significantly reduce costs while also saving crucial time. The people of Rajasthan can now interact with the government in a seamless manner, benefiting from advancements in technology.

  • Effective Complaint Resolution: The inhabitants of Rajasthan can file complaints using the Jan Soochna Portal. The platform enables quick and efficient resolution by allowing users to file complaints against government departments. By ensuring that citizens’ concerns are properly addressed, this effort improves the government’s commitment to responsiveness and accountability.
  • Anti-Corruption Tool: The portal helps foster confidence between the general public and government agencies, thereby reducing corruption and fostering a more equitable system.
  • Comprehensive Program Knowledge: Residents of Rajasthan can now readily research the many government initiatives and programs that are made available through the portal.
  • Saving resources: Accessing information online allows citizens to save money and important time, which reduces corruption.
  • Simplified Access: By using the portal, citizens can avoid going through the time-consuming registration process with the RTI.

Impact The initiative’s commencement was announced by Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot on September 13, 2019. The main goal of the program is to do away with the requirement that participants in government programs first visit RTI offices. This process used to be time- and money-consuming, and it was difficult. However, these disadvantages are expected to vanish with the launch of the Rajasthan Public Information Portal in 2023.

Access to Information The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Entry, which operates in accordance with Section 4(2) of the Right to Information Act 2005, provides users with crucial information on each program. The portal makes it easier to retrieve the data needed for each scheme. Notably, accessing information does not require an SSO ID, and there are no fees associated with using the platform on the part of the government. This portal offers people the chance to easily acquire information because it covers a variety of plans.

The Right to Information Act, which was passed in 2005, is the foundation of this program. By allowing them to request information from federal and state public agencies, it empowers citizens. The act requires the prompt disclosure of a number of operational elements of public authorities, such as their structure, scope of authority, and responsibilities.

The Central and State Information Commissioners’ responsibilities and terms of office are up for change according to the Right to Information (Amendment) Bill, 2019’s proposed amendment. This includes modifications to the length of their terms and the formula used to calculate their wages and benefits.

The Portal’s Navigation: Services and Applications

Apply for a Yojana Online: The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal has a straightforward application process for a number of schemes. To access certain state plans, one must go to the official website, choose the “Scheme Details” option, review the guidelines, and then continue.

Mobile app for Jan Soochna: The portal increases accessibility through a mobile app. The software is readily available for download from the Google Play Store or the software Store, acting as a convenient entry point to government services.

Checking the Status of a Complaint: To follow the status of a complaint, you must go to the official website, select the complaint option, and then enter your Grievance ID or mobile number.

How to Check the List of Online Schemes:

  • Go to the Jan Soochna Portal main website jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in.
  • Check see the homepage’s services section.
  • Select your preferred service category.
  • Enter the necessary information in the form that is displayed, such as your registration number and mobile number.
  • To finish submitting your application for the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023, click “Submit”.

Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal’s Simple Information Retrieval:

Compliance with Section 4(2) of the Right to Information Act of 2005 is achieved by the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal. This calculated action makes sure that detailed information about each program is easily accessible via the site. The portal is simply navigable, allowing interested parties to choose their preferred scheme and receive all necessary information. Notably, retrieving information does not require an SSO ID, and there are no fees associated with using this priceless resource, according to the government.

Simple application process: Those interested in taking advantage of these initiatives can submit their applications with ease through the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal. Applicants are shown a simple form by visiting the official website, going to the services section, and choosing the service they want. This application process is simple and hassle-free thanks to the form’s gathering of important data including registration numbers and mobile numbers. The government’s dedication to streamlining citizen involvement is exemplified by this method.

On-site Help and Information Centers:

The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal’s official website can be accessed by going to the “Help Desk” option, which will bring you to a new page with all the information you need about information help centers.

The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal provides thorough information on a number of programmes, including but not limited to:

  • Rozgar Yojana in Rajasthan
  • Indian Emitra
  • Information on Social Security Pension Beneficiaries
  • Holders of Worker ID Cards
  • Kisan Samman Nidhi Plan of the PM
  • Information About The Palanhar Scheme’s Beneficiaries
  • Social Distribution System (Ration Card Holders’ Information)
  • Copy of Girdawari
  • Rajasthan’s Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Health Insurance Program
  • Jamabandi Rajasthan Digital Sign
  • Information on Fair Price Shops
  • Scholarship for social justice
  • E Panchayat in Rajasthan
  • Jan Aadhaar Scheme in Rajasthan
  • Information on the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA

Unique Qualities of Jan Soochna Portal:

At a meeting held at Birla on September 13, 2019, Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot made an important announcement that served as the official unveiling of the Rajasthan Public Information Portal. The government’s innovative strategy for boosting citizen interaction and fostering openness through digital methods was underlined by this announcement.

  • Overcoming RTI Agreement Obstacles: Rajasthani citizens previously had to navigate RTI agreements before taking part in government programs. Time and money were wasted as a result of this practice. However, these difficulties have been successfully reduced since the launch of the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023. The portal is a driving force behind the reduction of pointless red tape and the streamlining of citizen interactions.
  • A Centralized Platform for Disseminating Important Information About Various Government Initiatives: The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023 emerges as a Comprehensive Source of Government Notifications. By compiling program information and updates, the portal closes the information gap between government and the populace by becoming the go-to resource for citizens interested in current programs.
  • Public Assistance and Welfare Programs Driven by Digital Technology: The Rajasthan government’s dedication to offering public assistance and welfare programs has made a digital leap. The state shows that it embraces technology by only providing these services through online channels. This change is a huge move in the direction of accessibility and efficiency, which will ultimately benefit Rajasthan’s residents.
  • Streamlined Access to Web-based Schemes: Using the internet to access online schemes is a simple and user-friendly approach. The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal ensures that people may easily discover and engage with numerous initiatives, according to their specific needs and ambitions, thanks to its user-friendly layout.

The Rajasthan government has assembled an amazing portfolio of 149 projects that span 28 different departments, underscoring its commitment to the welfare of its citizens. The government’s dedication to offering comprehensive solutions that suit the many requirements of Rajasthan’s population is highlighted by this diversified collection of initiatives.

People empowerment through state government projects: Citizens have access to both state-level and federal government activities through the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal. Through this platform, residents are given the opportunity to learn about and participate in a wide range of state-sponsored activities for holistic development.

Finally, the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023 is a ground-breaking project that highlights the government’s dedication to effective governance, openness, and digital empowerment. The portal is an example of how technology has the power to revolutionize society by centralizing information, streamlining procedures, and fostering accessibility.

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List of Departments for the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal:

The departments listed below whose programs are accessible through the Jan Soochna Portal.

  • Department of Panchayati Raj and rural development
  • Department of Coordination and Administrative Reform
  • Department of Civil Supply and Food
  • Education Department for Schools
  • Rajasthan’s Cooperative Department
  • Department of Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Labor Division
  • Division of Mines and Geology
  • Planning Division
  • Health and Family Welfare Ministry
  • Energy Division
  • Revenue Division
  • Native American Development
  • Justice Division
  • Department of Entrepreneurship, Employment, and Skills
  • Office of Revenue
  • Rajasthan State Election Commission
  • Department of Urban Development and Housing
  • Punjab Police
  • Industries Division
  • Administration for Consumer Affairs
  • Tourism Division
  • PHED
  • PWD
  • Office of Women’s and Children’s Development
  • Rajasthan Commercial Taxes Department
  • COVID-19
  • Punjab Tax Board
  • Rajasthan’s Chief Electoral Officer
  • Animal Husbandry Department
  • Agriculture Division
  • Agriculture Division
  • Department of local self-government
  • Gopalan Division
  • Department of State Insurance and Provident Funds (SIPF)
  • Department of Higher and Technical Education
  • Government Revenue Intelligence Directorate
  • State Excise Department of Rajasthan
  • State Public Procurement Portal (SPPP)
  • Department of Devasthan
  • Department of Ayurveda and Indian Medicine
  • Treasury Department and Accounts
  • IGNP, Bikaner, and Command Area Development (CAD)
  • Bio-fuel
  • Department of Disaster Management, Relief, and Civil Defense
  • Directorate of Statistics and Economics
  • Office of Fisheries
  • Forestry Division
  • Department of Ground Water
  • Home Guards Division
  • Waqf and the Department of Minority Affairs
  • The Division of Archaeology and Museums
  • Resources Department for Water
  • Home Division
  • State Legal Services Authority of Rajasthan
  • Language and Library Department
  • Office of Midday Meal
  • Department of Parliamentary Affairs
  • The Limited (RUDSICO) Rajasthan Urban Drinking Water Sewerage & Infrastructure Corporation
  • Corporation for State Warehousing in Rajasthan
  • Information Technology and Communication Department DoIT&C Department
  • State Textbook Board of Rajasthan
  • Limited by the Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation
  • Agency for Organic Production and Seed Certification in Rajasthan
  • Information and public relations department
  • Department of Environment
  • Department of Technology and Science
  • Government of Rajasthan’s Factories and Boilers Inspection Department
  • Department of Agricultural Marketing
  • State Agricultural Marketing Board of Rajasthan
  • Agency for Transportation
  • financial collaboration
  • Department of Local Fund Audit (LFAD)
  • Department of Settlement
  • Cabinet Secretariat and general government
  • Office of Personnel
  • Rajasthan Secondary Education Board
  • Rajasthan Registration and Stamps Department
  • Board for Rajasthan Housing
  • Rajasthan Petroleum Department
  • Rajasthan Medical Education Department
  • Rajasthan Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare
  • Department of Civil Aviation
  • Technical Education Board
  • Colonialization Division
  • State Employee Insurance
  • Department for Resolving Public Complaints
  • Office of the Prosecutor
  • Organization for the Directorate of Evaluation
  • Finance Division
  • RAVIL, short for Rajasthan Avas Vikas and Infrastructure Limited
  • Rajasthan Penalties
  • Education in Sanskrit
  • Specialized Individual
  • Laboratory for State Forensic Science
  • a town plan
  • Chikitsa Unani
  • Development of Watersheds and Conservation of Soil
  • Animal Life
  • India-Malaysia Industrial Corridor
  • Surgical Mobile Unit
  • electrical inspection division
  • Chikitsa Vibhag homeopathic
  • Reading and Lifelong Learning
  • Division of litigation
  • Livestock Development Board of Rajasthan
  • Project to Develop Urban Infrastructure in Rajasthan
  • State Biodiversity Board of Rajasthan (RSBB)
  • The RSBTDA, or Rajasthan State Bus Terminal Development Authority
  • Information Commission of Rajasthan
  • Public Service Commission of Rajasthan
  • Jaipur-based Rajasthan Staff Selection Board
  • (RSPFCL) Rajasthan State Power Finance Corporation

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On September 13, 2019, Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot made a bold announcement that started the Rajasthan Public Information Portal in motion. The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal 2023 embodies the state’s dedication to comprehensive governance by improving information access, doing away with unnecessary steps, and embracing technology. For the people of Rajasthan, this revolutionary move has ushered in a period of transparency, ease, and efficiency. This platform, which has a wide range of programs spanning numerous departments, is evidence of the government’s commitment to the welfare of the public. Rajasthan has fashioned an inspiring, transformational tapestry through its digital portal.

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FAQs-Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal

1. What is the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal? The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal is an online platform that aims to promote transparency and make government information more accessible to the public. It provides a wide range of government data and information, including details about government schemes, policies, and statistics.

2. How can I access the information on the Jan Soochna Portal? Information on the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal is accessible to the public for free. To access the data and information, you can visit the official portal (https://jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in/) and browse through the available resources. The portal is user-friendly and provides various search and filtering options to find specific information.

3. What types of information are available on the portal? The portal contains diverse information related to government departments, schemes, programs, budgets, and statistics. It covers a wide array of topics, such as health, education, agriculture, employment, and more. Citizens can find details about government initiatives, guidelines, and policies.

4. Can I use the Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal to check the status of government services or applications? Yes, the portal allows users to check the status of government services or applications for specific schemes and programs. This feature can be particularly useful for citizens who have applied for government services and want to track the progress of their applications.

5. Is the portal available in languages other than English and Hindi? The Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal primarily provides information in English and Hindi. However, it may also offer content in the regional language of Rajasthan, which is Rajasthani, to cater to a wider audience and ensure accessibility.

6. How can I provide feedback or report issues with the Jan Soochna Portal? The portal often includes contact information or feedback mechanisms to report issues or provide suggestions. You can look for the “Contact Us” or “Feedback” section on the portal to get in touch with the administrators or report any problems you encounter while using the website.