Salman Khan’s House Galaxy Apartments: An Exclusive Peek into the Star’s Abode

Salman Khan, one of Bollywood’s most enduring superstars, resides in a famed abode known as Galaxy Apartments. This well-known landmark, situated at the beginning of Bandstand on Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road in the upscale locale of Bandra West, has been part of Mumbai’s glittering landscape for years. Galaxy Apartments houses not just the star himself, but also serves as a testament to his stardom and the affection he commands from his fans, who often gather outside hoping for a glimpse.

Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartments: A grand, white-walled building with intricate balconies and lush greenery surrounding the entrance

The structure itself is not as opulently grandiose as one might expect from someone of Salman Khan’s celebrity status. Instead, it exudes an unpretentious charm that is reflective of the actor’s personal ethos of simplicity and warmth. The interior of the Galaxy Apartments, although rarely exposed to public view, is rumored to be tastefully appointed and comfortable, crafted to support a lifestyle that is both luxurious and down-to-earth.

Galaxy Apartments, attracting tourists and fans alike, renders a snapshot of Salman Khan’s life beyond the camera. The iconic address 3, Galaxy Apartments, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050, India, has become synonymous with the Bollywood megastar, and serves as a key interest point for anyone looking to explore the celebrity side of Mumbai’s rich cultural tapestry.

Galaxy Apartments Overview

Aerial view of Galaxy Apartments, capturing the exterior, surrounding area, and address details

Galaxy Apartments, an emblematic structure situated in the heart of Bandra West, is not just a residence but an integral part of Bollywood’s identity. It is the home of Salman Khan, one of India’s most distinguished film stars, and an edifice that embodies luxury and tradition.

Location and Address

Galaxy Apartments is located at 3, Galaxy Apartments, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050. This prestigious address in Mumbai is well-known not only for its famous occupant but also for its prime location by the sea at Bandra Bandstand.

Apartment Details

Salman Khan’s residence is a 1 Bedroom-Kitchen-Hall (BHK) apartment occupying the ground floor of Galaxy Apartments. Despite the modest size, it features an “L” shaped living-cum-dining room and is known for its tasteful interiors.

Salman Khan and His Abode

The beloved Bollywood star has chosen to stay in the ground floor apartment of Galaxy Apartments, close to his family who resides on the first floor. The space may lack the expansive amenities like a personal gym or swimming pool often found in celebrity homes, but it reflects his personal choice of a serene lifestyle.

Design and Art

Galaxy Apartments boasts a simplistic yet elegant design, featuring white walls that add to its calming ambiance. The residence is also said to house an art room, which speaks to the family’s appreciation for art and culture.

Salman Khans House Galaxy Apartments 1 1

The Khan Family

The Galaxy is home to Salman Khan’s parents, screenplay writer Salim Khan and his wife Salma Khan, as well as his siblings Sohail KhanArbaaz Khan, and Alvira Khan. The familial residence is a symbol of their togetherness and shared heritage.

Public Gatherings and Events

The residence is not just a home but a focal point for public gatherings, especially during Eid and Salman Khan’s birthday celebrations. Admirers from across the country flock outside Galaxy Apartments, making it a hotspot for celebration and parties, highlighting its status in the cultural landscape of Bollywood and Mumbai.

Salman Khan’s Real Estate Portfolio

Salman Khan's real estate portfolio: Galaxy Apartments exterior, interior, address, and area photos for illustration

Salman Khan, a prominent Bollywood actor, has built an impressive real estate portfolio that extends beyond his famed residence at Galaxy Apartments. His holdings exemplify a blend of personal assets and commercial investments, leading to a diversified property footprint in India and abroad.

Additional Properties

Salman Khan’s property interests go further than his iconic Galaxy Apartments in Bandra West, Mumbai. Not only does he own a luxury 1 BHK within this prime location, but his portfolio also includes a farmhouse in Panvel, known as Arpita Farms, named after his sister. This sprawling estate has often been the backdrop for numerous Bollywood gatherings and celebrations. Further, Khan owns several bungalows and apartments in Mumbai, as well as a luxury home in the buzzing city of Dubai.

  • Worli, Mumbai: a triplex flat at Sterling Sea Face.
  • Dubai, UAE: a residence in the Burj Pacific.

Investment and Commercial Ventures

Khan’s strategic investment in real estate underscores his business acumen. An upcoming project, a 19-storey hotel on Carter Road, Bandra, is set to house a range of amenities such as a restaurantcafegymnasium, and convention centers.

  • Carter Road, Bandra: 19-storey hotel with commercial space including a gym and pool.
  • Mumbai property: includes commercial buildings and landcraft retail spaces.

Lifestyle and Public Presence

Khan’s real estate choices reflect his lifestyle and public image. His Bandra home has become a tourist spot, especially during the actor’s birthday or significant film releases. Throughout the lockdown period, pictures of Salman at his Panvel farmhouse with his pets, especially his dogs, became a source of amusement and delight for his fans. As the longtime host of the reality show Bigg Boss and with a series of successful endorsements, his net worth has enabled a lifestyle characterized by luxury, visible in the properties he owns and the style they manifest.

FAQs about Salman Khan’s House Galaxy Apartments

Salman Khans House Galaxy Apartments 2

Where is Salman Khan’s residence located?

Salman Khan’s residence, Galaxy Apartments, is located at 3, Galaxy Apartments, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050.

What type of apartment does Salman Khan reside in?

Salman Khan resides in a 1 Bedroom-Kitchen-Hall (BHK) apartment on the ground floor of Galaxy Apartments.

Who else lives in Galaxy Apartments?

Galaxy Apartments is home to Salman Khan’s parents, Salim Khan and Salma Khan, as well as his siblings Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, and Alvira Khan.

What is notable about the design of Galaxy Apartments?

Galaxy Apartments boasts a simplistic yet elegant design with white walls, creating a calming ambiance. It is also said to feature an art room, reflecting the family’s appreciation for art and culture.

What events attract public gatherings outside Salman Khan’s residence?

Public gatherings outside Galaxy Apartments often occur during Eid and Salman Khan’s birthday celebrations, making it a hotspot for parties and celebrations.

What other properties does Salman Khan own besides Galaxy Apartments?

Besides Galaxy Apartments, Salman Khan owns a farmhouse in Panvel known as Arpita Farms, several bungalows and apartments in Mumbai, and a luxury home in Dubai, among others.

What commercial ventures is Salman Khan involved in with his real estate portfolio?

Salman Khan’s real estate investments include an upcoming 19-storey hotel on Carter Road, Bandra, which will feature amenities such as a restaurant, cafe, gymnasium, and convention centers. He also owns commercial buildings and landcraft retail spaces in Mumbai.

How does Salman Khan’s real estate portfolio reflect his lifestyle and public image?

Salman Khan’s real estate choices reflect his luxurious yet down-to-earth lifestyle. His properties, including his iconic residence at Galaxy Apartments, symbolize his status as a Bollywood megastar while also showcasing his family values and cultural heritage.