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Over 19 lakh government employees in the state now handle their financial activities using Mahakosh Sevarth, an online site created by the Maharashtra government. Five modules make up this integrated system, which effectively handles many administrative chores like payroll, pensions, loans and advances, and budget monitoring. We will examine the attributes, advantages, and detailed instructions for gaining access to and using the Mahakosh Sevarth portal in this blog post.

Maharashtra’s Digital Infrastructure:

A state of the art online platform called Sevarth Mahakosh was created to consolidate and automate service requests for employees of the Maharashtra state government. The government hopes to reduce manual paperwork by utilizing this platform, which will cut down on processing time and effort for salary disbursement and other financial procedures.

Simplifying Financial Operations for Government Employees in Maharashtra: Maharashtra has a sizable number of government employees, making manual handling of financial chores difficult. The Mahakosh Sevarth site, however, provides a technological means of streamlining these operations. Employees can easily access their financial information and do a variety of duties by going to the official website at

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The objectives of the Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023:

The renowned Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023 program, developed by the Maharashtra government, has the following goals:

One of the key goals is to make employees’ payslips available online so they won’t have to go to government offices. This computerized method simplifies the procedure and does away with the necessity for drawn-out steps.

  • Effective everyday Operations: By offering an easy way to access payment information, the program seeks to improve the effectiveness of everyday operations in various government agencies and departments.
  • Easy Access to Information: People will have easy access to information about their payroll, loans, advances, the DCPS & NPS (Deferred Compensation Plans System & National Pension System), the GPF Group-D (General Provident Fund for Group-D Employees), and the Niwruttivetanwahini (Pension) through this program.
  • Transparent Salary and Pension Information: The availability of salary and pension information to employees via the company website encourages openness in the payment system.

Overall, Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023 aims to boost transparency in government employee pay and pensions, improve accessibility, and streamline the payment and payroll management systems.

Sevarth Mahakosh’s Range of Services includes:

  • Government workers can choose from a variety of services offered by Sevarth Mahakosh, such as:
  • Effective management of employee salaries and associated financial activities is known as payroll management.
  • Access to comprehensive monthly salary statements that promote openness and make verification simple.
  • Statements from the Provident Fund: Simple tracking of employee contributions and updates to the fund balance.
  • Statements for filing and calculating income taxes are accessible online.
  • Additionally, the site offers a variety of extra services needed by government workers.

Login Procedure:

The following steps should be followed to log into the Mahakosh Sevarth portal for the first time:

  • Navigate to to access the official website.
  • On the homepage, click the login button.
  • Select the relevant user type (employee, retiree, public agency, etc.).
  • User ID and password must be entered.
  • Verify the captcha as required.
  • To access your account, click the ‘login’ button.

New Employee Registration Procedure:

To register on the Sevarth Mahakosh portal, new employees joining the Maharashtra government workforce should follow these steps:

  • Employees are given a default password, “ifms123,” upon registration, which they must provide to log in for the first time.
  • Employees check on to the website using the supplied credentials and are requested to update their password.
  • The department code, the employee’s first, middle, and last names, and the first letter of their gender are all combined to generate the username.
  • The date of birth serves as the basis for the individual employee number.
  • Each employee in the system has a unique identification thanks to their unique login and employee number.

How to get payment slips for Mahakosh Sevarth:

Follow these steps to access your payment slips using the Mahakosh Sevarth portal:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Go to the top menu and select the ‘Employee services’ tab.
  • ‘Sevarth pay slip’ should be selected in the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the month and year that the pay stub is needed for.
  • You can download a copy of the pay stub by clicking the “download” button.
  • Important information such the base salary, bonuses, deductions, and net pay for the chosen period will be included on the payment sheet.

Password Reset for Mahakosh Sevarth:

The actions below should be followed if you need to update or reset your password:

  • Visit the Mahakosh Sevarth main website.
  • The ‘login’ button can be found on the homepage.
  • Select the ‘lost password’ link after selecting your user type.
  • To submit, enter your registered user ID and password.
  • Enter your response to the security question.
  • Submit the OTP that was sent to your registered cellphone number after entering it.
  • Create a new password, check it, then save the adjustments.
  • Make sure your new password contains special characters, letters, and numbers to make it secure.

Advantages Offered by Mahakosh Sevarth:

  • Salary slips are available online.
  • Payment of bills, including those for phone, water, and energy.
  • Administration of Group-D employees’ General Provident Fund (GPF) accounts.
  • Income tax statements are available.
  • Employees apply for leave.
  • Management of pension accounts for retirees.
  • For financial transactions, the creation of electronic receipts.
  • dashboard that is simple to use for navigating.
  • increased accuracy and openness in the financial system.

Sevarth Mahakosh’s Benefits for employees include:

  • Government workers in Maharashtra can gain a lot by embracing Sevarth Mahakosh, including:
  • Process streamlining: Digitalization speeds up financial operations by reducing manual paperwork.
  • Transparency and accessibility are guaranteed by the availability of wage statements and other financial data online.
  • Saving time and effort: Processing salaries and other financial duties can be automated, saving time and effort.
  • Updated Provident Fund statements and income tax calculations are available right away.
  • Effective management of complaints: The platform enables prompt settlement of employee complaints and inquiries.

Sevarth Mahakosh’s Effect on Government Efficiency:

The government of Maharashtra is poised to operate much more efficiently thanks to Sevarth Mahakosh. The government is paving the road for a streamlined and digitalized financial ecosystem by adopting this digital solution, which lowers administrative barriers and optimizes resource allocation.

Troubleshooting Typical Login Problems:

Users may run into a few typical issues when attempting to log into the Mahakosh Sevarth site.

These consist of:

  • Incorrect login information.
  • Server issues.
  • Internet connection speed issues.
  • Inactive accounts.
  • insufficient captcha.

Users are recommended to get in touch with the support staff for help with any other login-related concerns.

Update the Information on Your Mahakosh Sevarth Payment Slip:

Follow these procedures to adjust your payment options on the Mahakosh Sevarth portal:

  • Enter the portal and log into your account.
  • Select “Payment Methods” from the tabs.
  • Simply click “Add New Payment Method.”
  • Select your desired payment option from the list of possibilities.
  • Type in the relevant payment information, including your card or bank account number.
  • By selecting the “Save” option, you can save the modifications.

Sevarth Mahakosh GPF Payment Slip Download for 2023

Follow these steps to get your GPF payment slip from Sevarth Mahakosh:

  • Start by going to the Maharashtra Sevaarth official website at
  • The login box can be found on the homepage.
  • Enter the appropriate information in the login box’s boxes for your username and password.
  • The captcha verification is presented below. Complete it.
  • Click the “Submit” button to continue.
  • The Employee Corner Report option will be displayed in the header of the newly opened tab.
  • Choose the GPF statement from the available options.
  • Include any additional information asked together with the necessary GPF information.
  • When finished, press the “Submit” button.
  • You can view and download your GPF payment slip on the screen after completing these procedures.


The Maharashtra Government’s financial operations are being managed differently thanks to Mahakosh Sevarth. In the end, it is a revolutionary internet platform that aims to revolutionize financial operations for Maharashtra government employees. The platform makes payroll management, salary statements, and provident fund tracking simpler with its user-friendly design and broad range of services. The Maharashtra government is establishing a new benchmark for productivity, convenience, and transparency in administrative processes by implementing Sevarth Mahakosh, which will ultimately benefit its devoted employees

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