Sneha Paul Biography, Age, Height, Family, Career, Affairs, Husband & Detailed Wiki: An In-Depth Look

Sneha Paul is an Indian actress and model who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born on November 27, 1994, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, she displays both talent and determination. With her distinct presence in both modeling and acting, Sneha’s journey reflects her passion for the craft. She completed her education in Kolkata, later moving to Mumbai to pursue her career, indicating her commitment to achieving her aspirations in the dynamic world of entertainment.

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Rising to prominence with various projects, Sneha’s career began taking shape as she entered the modeling industry in 2016. Her height, which complements her modeling portfolio, and her performances in shows and series have contributed to her growing popularity. Notably, her role in Disney+ Hotstar’s “The City and A Girl” was a significant milestone, and she is known for her performances in the “Charmsukh Chawl House” web series, which further established her in the field.

Sneha’s personal life is a topic of curiosity among her followers. While much of her personal life remains private, it is evident that she is dedicated to her profession, continuously working on her skills and broadening her horizons in the entertainment industry. Her biography is not only a tale of her professional achievements but also a source of inspiration for aspiring actors and models from her hometown and beyond.

NameSneha Paul
Profession(s)Actor, Dancer, Model
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1994 (Sunday)
Age (as of 2024)30 Years
BirthplaceKolkata, India
Zodiac signSagittarius
HometownKolkata, India
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsFather: Sankar Paul
Mother: Tapati Paul
SiblingsBrother: Sudipto Paul

Early Life and Background

Sneha Paul is an Indian actress and model whose journey began in Kolkata, West Bengal. Her upbringing in a culturally rich environment, coupled with her educational background, has played a significant role in shaping her career.

Family and Education

Originating from a Kolkata-based family, Sneha Paul’s early life was grounded in her native culture of West Bengal, India. Her educational journey commenced in a private school in Kolkata, where she was known for her active participation in school events that hinted at her future in the arts. While details about her parents and whether Sneha has siblings are less documented, her family supported her artistic endeavors, which enabled her to later graduate from Calcutta University.

HeightCentimeters: 167 cm
Meters: 1.67 m
Feet & inches: 5’ 6”
Figure Measurements34-30-36
Eye ColourLight Brown
Hair ColourBlack

Hometown and Upbringing

Sneha’s upbringing in Kolkata infused in her a deep appreciation for the arts prevalent in the region. Despite the allure of the film and modeling industry, her connection to her West Bengal homeland remained strong. Hobbies cultivated during her formative years included participating in local theater, which served as a foundation for her future acting pursuits.

Throughout this period, Sneha honed her skills and nurtured a passion that would eventually lead her into the entertainment industry.


Sneha Paul’s career spans the domains of modeling and acting, with significant contributions to web series and music videos. Her journey in the entertainment industry showcases diverse roles and remarkable performances.

Modelling and Acting

Sneha Paul initiated her career in the spotlight as a model. Her early days were marked by photoshoots and ramp walks, where she honed her skills in front of the camera. Transitioning into acting, she took on various projects, including roles in Kannada movies and Hindi short videos, highlighting her versatility as an actress.

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Web Series and Music Videos

As her career progressed, Sneha Paul found her niche in the web series space, gaining popularity on streaming platforms. Her most notable inclusion is in the Charmsukh series on the Ullu app, particularly recognized for her role in “Chawl House.” In addition to acting, she has appeared in music videos, further broadening her repertoire in the entertainment industry.

Notable Works

Sneha Paul’s talent truly came to the forefront with her performance in the Ullu app’s Charmsukh Chawl House web series. Critics and audiences alike admired her work in this series, which became a significant talking point of her career. Her appearance in this series solidified her status as a rising star in the web series genre.

Public Persona and Influence

Sneha Paul's public persona and influence are depicted through a collection of accolades, achievements, and symbols of her impact on society

Sneha Paul has established a notable public persona through her engaging social media presence and strategic endorsements. Her influence is marked by a growing digital footprint and collaborations with various brands.

Social Media Presence

She maintains a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she shares insights into her life and work. This has attracted a significant number of followers, positioning her as a noticeable social media influencer in the entertainment industry. Her content often features behind-the-scenes looks at her projects, personal moments, and professional photoshoots, which resonate with her audience. Additionally, her presence on Twitter further amplifies her reach, allowing her to engage with fans through a different medium.

Endorsements and Collaborations

Sneha Paul has leveraged her social media influence to collaborate with brands for endorsements. These brand endorsements often capitalize on her persona to market their products to a wider audience. Her endorsements include a range of products, particularly those that align with her interests and her followers’ preferences. This symbiotic relationship benefits both her personal brand and the endorsing brands, showcasing her ability to influence consumer behavior through authentic partnerships.

Personal Life

Sneha Paul, a multi-talented actress from Kolkata, is recognized for her vibrant personal life that reflects her passions and relationship status. She navigates her journey as an unmarried individual, enriching her life with a variety of hobbies and interests, and maintains a clear focus on her professional and personal goals.

Hobbies and Interests

Sneha Paul is an avid traveller who finds joy in exploring new places and cultures. Her social media often showcases her travels, highlighting her appreciation for the diversity of the world. Along with her enjoyment of travel, she has a strong passion for dancing, an activity that not only serves as a hobby but also keeps her physically fit and artistically expressive.

An ardent dog lover, Sneha’s fondness for pets, especially her pet dog, is evident in her personal life. Her social media profiles frequently feature moments and memories with her furry companion, showcasing the special bond they share.

Relationship Status

Currently, Sneha Paul is unmarried and there are no official reports of her being in a relationship. True to her private nature, she keeps the details of her dating life out of the public eye, prioritizing her own space and the sanctity of personal matters. This discretion highlights her professional approach to her public persona, allowing her work to take center stage over her personal affairs.

FAQ – Sneha Paul

When was Sneha Paul born?

Sneha Paul was born on November 27, 1994 (Sunday).

How old is Sneha Paul?

As of 2024, Sneha Paul is 30 years old.

Where is Sneha Paul from?

Sneha Paul is from Kolkata, India.

What is Sneha Paul’s zodiac sign?

Sneha Paul’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

What is Sneha Paul’s nationality?

Sneha Paul is Indian.

What are Sneha Paul’s hobbies?

Sneha Paul enjoys traveling.

Is Sneha Paul married?

No, Sneha Paul is unmarried.

Does Sneha Paul have any siblings?

Yes, Sneha Paul has a brother named Sudipto Paul.

What is Sneha Paul’s profession?

Sneha Paul is an actor, dancer, and model.

What are Sneha Paul’s physical measurements?

Sneha Paul’s height is approximately 167 cm (5 feet 6 inches), with figure measurements of 34-30-36. She has light brown eyes and black hair.