Udupi Leeladhar Shetty and Wife’s Commit Suicide – Latest News

In this article, we will explore the remarkable life of Leeladhar Shetty from Udupi, including his wiki, biography, age, family, daughter name, wife, adopted child, causes of death. Leeladhar Shetty was a respected individual known for his exceptional contribution to society. Let us delve into the details of his life and the impact he left behind.

Who is Leeladhar Shetty?

Leeladhar Shetty, a man known for his decency and multifaceted talents, was a prominent figure in both politics and the arts. He contested elections from the Kaup assembly, led the Kaup Rajataranga troupe, and served as the former president of Kaup Buntara Sangha. His close association with Kaup MLA Gurme Suresh Shetty showcased his leadership in the political arena, while his involvement in the Bhajana Mandali reflected his commitment to cultural and spiritual pursuits.

Biography/ Wikipedia of Leeladhar Shetty

Born in 1955 in the Udupi district of Karnataka, Leeladhar Shetty’s journey began with a passion for theater nurtured since childhood. After completing his education, he immersed himself in local theaters, earning recognition as a distinguished actor and director. In 1980, he married Bashundhara Shetty, and together they undertook various initiatives, including acting, social work, and participation in religious events. Their contributions were acknowledged with numerous awards from the local government, highlighting their outstanding service to the community.

Leader: Leeladhar Shetty’s Community Engagement

Leeladhar Shetty emerged as a leader through his active involvement in cultural, political, and social activities. His roles in leading the Kaup Rajataranga troupe, serving as the president of Kaup Buntara Sangha, and associating closely with political figures showcased his dedication to community welfare. His participation in the Bhajana Mandali further emphasized his commitment to spiritual and cultural pursuits.

Source: Indian Express, Times Of India

Social Worker Leeladhar Shetty and Wife’s Commit Suicide

In a tragic turn of events, Leeladhar Shetty and his wife, Bashundhara Shetty, took their own lives on December 12, 2023, at their village home in Karnataka. Faced with financial crises and grappling with mental distress due to the absence of their adopted 17-year-old daughter, the couple left behind a poignant suicide note. A relative reported the molestation of their daughter to the police, adding a layer of complexity to the tragic incident. The ongoing police investigation seeks to unravel the circumstances behind the suicide and the reported molestation.

Latest News:

Udupi Leeladhar Shetty and Wifes Commit Suicide 1

Police are investigating the death of Leeladhar Shetty and his wife Bashundhara Shetty, who adopted a 16-year-old daughter. The daughter, whose name remains unknown, lived with them. Recently, the daughter went missing, and her parents were found dead. The couple then committed suicide in despair. Four people, Girish, Rupesh, Aziz, and Jayant, who are residents of Sirva, have been arrested after the investigation. A case has been filed under the Protection of Children Abuse Act for abducting the girl.