Wipro Interview Experience

1. Technical Interview Questions

  • Questions were related to Project, which is mentioned in resume
  • key concepts in HTML, CSS, DBMS
  • Difference between candidate and super key
  • what is Method Overloading
  • what is Method Overridding
  • what is difference between Method Overloading and Method Overridding
  • what is difference between Interfaces and Abstraction

HR Questions

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses
  • What is your project
  • What was your role in project
  • what are the leadership qualities that a group leader
  • Who admire you as leader ? give any example ?
  • Why particularly WIPRO
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years
  • are you ready to relocate
  • Are you agree with bond

Quetions asked to interviewer

  • What technologies I’ll be working on?
  • discussion on work culture and as a fresher what are the things I should focus on

2. TR and HR taken by Same panel

  • So you had your breakfast ?
  • okay let’s start with introduction tell me about yourself
  • I told him in hobbies I love to workout he started to ask me about whom I follow in as inspiration told him about vasu mitall
  • okay let’s start with technical part
  • what are types of dbms how you will create a table
  • what is MongoDB
  • write any query
  • what are types of SQL?
  • Gave program to find 3rd highest element in array
  • Tell me about your project your role and how you analysed data
  • Explain Deep learning
  • how many were there in your project
  • what are Python decorators and python generators
  • Init method in python
  • okay so r u willing to relocate
  • know about the service agreement

3. Single Interview (HR and TR)

  • What you did from morning?
  • Introduce yourself
  • Which programming languages you know?
  • features of C++ language?
  • Are you ready to learn Java?
  • Any mistake you did in your life and how you face it?
  • How you contributed for society?
  • What are the oops concepts?
  • Give me real example of Incapsulation without telling definition?
  • Any conflict between you and your friends at the time of project work?
  • You are non-IT student then how to learned programming languages?
  • Tell me swapping of two numbers without using third variable?
  • Which books you read and how you done book publication at the age of 21?
  • Are you giving first time interview or applied for any other company?
  • In your college virtual campus drives have you selected for interview?
  • Are you ready to relocate?
  • Your interview is over..Do you have any question?